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Kodak Unveils Automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation

Eastman Kodak Company announced its new automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation 6600.

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ROCHESTER, N.Y., Nov. 11, 1993 — Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK) today introduced an automated Photo CD Imaging Workstation (PIW) designed to increase productivity for high-volume photofinishers who process consumer film orders.

When it is brought to market early next year, the Kodak PCD Imaging Workstation 6600 will let photofinishers scan up to 50 rolls of 35 mm film at a time onto individual Photo CD discs, without the need for operator intervention. The system will allow wholesale labs to process thousands of orders daily, with only a few skilled technicians overseeing the highly automated processing equipment.

The PIW 6600 will employ a scanning system, an automated disc loading device and the Kodak PCD Writer 600 — a high-speed writer that is three times faster than Kodak’s current CD writer.

Along with the new PIW 6600, Kodak plans to offer the Kodak CRT Digital Color Printer, a high-speed printer that outputs digital image files onto photographic paper for conventional processing.

“We designed the PIW 6600 to fit the workflow environments of the high-volume photofinishing operations that process over 70 percent of consumer film orders,” said Michael P. Morley, vice president and regional business general manager, Consumer Imaging, United States and Canada. “The new PIW promises to boost productivity and reduce labor costs for photofinishers.”

Kodak also plans to offer a high-speed cathode ray tube (CRT) printer that exposes Photo CD index prints or other digital image files onto photographic paper. The prints can be processed off-line with the same equipment used to process prints made from negatives. In addition to outputting index prints, the CRT Digital Color Printer will be offered as a standalone product for applications ranging from school photography to prints from slides.

Customer trials for both the PIW 6600 and CRT Digital Color Printer will begin later this year, with both products scheduled for availability in early 1994. Details regarding pricing will be available in the first quarter of 1994.