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LCD TV Association Builds Membership

The LCD TV Association announced that three new members have joined the trade organization.

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Unedited press release follows:

LCD TV Association Announces Three New Sustaining Members: BitAnimate, HDRepair and Xilinx

Technology Leaders to Help Advance the Growth and Betterment of the LCD TV Supply Chain

Las Vegas, NV — January 07, 2011

The LCD TV Association, a global, not-for-profit marketing trade association chartered to inform, promote, improve and connect the entire LCD TV supply chain, today announced that three new sustaining members have joined the organization to help advance LCD- TV-related products and strengthen the entire LCD TV supply chain around the world. Specifically, the new members are BitAnimate, a start up with advanced 2D to 3D software conversion technology, HDRepair, a leading national service provider to repair LCD TVs, and Xilinx, the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions that enable display makers, and others to rapidly deliver solutions to the marketplace.

“We are pleased to welcome these new members and their efforts to support the improvement and promotion of the entire LCD TV industry ecosystem, including LCD TV products and the related supply chain,” said Bruce Berkoff, Chairman of the LCD TV Association.

Berkoff added, “Vast improvements are continuously being made in LCD TV products—ranging from energy efficient LED lighting subsystems to the removal of heavy metals from the glass and electronics inside the panel—resulting in the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly, full-scale displays and full HDTV displays the world has ever known. Broadening our membership with the participation of these world-class companies will help in our efforts to foster a better understanding of our technology and activities, such as our Green TV program, while creating better products for consumers and our planet.”

“Xilinx welcomes the opportunity to join the LCD TV Association to increase the awareness and promote the significant benefits of the latest HDTV technology, like those enabled via our programmable logic technology for new 3DTV solutions,” said Aaron Behman, Senior Marketing Manager, Consumer Segment, at Xilinx.

DisplaySearch expects the 2011 LCD TV forecast to grow to 215 million units, a 13% increase from 2010, with growth across the board from small screen sizes to larger screens with faster frame rates. New technologies such as LED backlights, smart “connected” TVs and even 3D TV capabilities are expected to serve as catalysts for increased shipments.

About the LCD TV Association:
The LCD TV Association is a global, non-for-profit marketing trade association, formed to help the entire LCD supply chain and retail channel through to the end consumer via various communication tools, including speeches, interviews, sponsored research, as well as industry newsletters, meetings and standards settings—resulting in information distribution. Participating at the many industry trade and consumer shows around the world to help promote members’ interests, as well as creates better LCD TVs for everyone. We encourage and engage in discussions to promote the industry overall, as well as helping foster healthy competition and create better products with higher value propositions for consumers and retailers alike. The LCD TV Association can help fight the growing “specsmanship” in trade publications and refocus conversations on true image quality and understanding for consumers, and help the whole LCD TV ecosystem to improve and thrive. For more information on the LCD TV Association, its membership, related white papers, or to join, please visit us on the web at http://www.LCDTVAssociation.Org.

The LCD TV Association’s “Sustaining Member” companies currently include Amtran, Applied Materials, Corning, DisplaySearch, Dolby Laboratories, the Flex Tech Alliance, Fusion Optix, LG Display, LG Electronics, LG Innotek, Merck KGaA, mSilica, NOVA Chemicals, Quinn Pacific, Retrevo, Supertex, TAOS, Uni-Pixel, Veritas et Visus, Vizio and Westinghouse Digital Electronics.

About BitAnimate
BITANIMATE’s patent pending software 3D technology converts any existing 2D video to high-quality, full-motion, real-time 3D video with realistic depth perception. BITANIMATE is also preparing the world’s first online video service that allows people to upload 2D videos and view their videos in 3D. Visit

About HDRepair
HDRepair (and its sister company Syntechs) is a leading national provider of services for consumer electronics (HDTV’s, PC’s, etc…). They work with small, medium and large OEM’s including Fortune 50 manufacturers, and aftermarket service providers. Its 1,600+ certified national technicians cover all 50 states and Puerto Rico and can be utilized to meet any need. Through its call center and logistic facilities located in South Florida, HDRepair provides the cost effective solution on a wide range of products over all geographic areas. See

About Xilinx
Xilinx is the worldwide leader in complete programmable logic solutions that enable DTV manufacturers to rapidly develop and deliver displays offering superior viewing experiences within ever-shrinking product lifecycles. For more information, visit: