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LG Rolls Out Blu-ray and Home Theatre Systems

LG Electronics announced its new lineup of home theatre systems and network Blu-ray Disc (BD) players at CES 2012.

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Unedited press release follows:

LG Electronics Breaks New Ground With Full 3D Sound, Home Entertainment Experiences

New Audio-Video Products Include Enhanced Sound Systems, Blu-ray Capabilities

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2012 — LG Electronics (LG) today introduced its 2012 line-up of Home Theater Systems and Network Blu-ray Disc Players at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (Booth #8204), bringing the home entertainment experience to new heights with improved 3D sound and picture quality.

Leading the line-up unveiled this week is LG’s BH9420PW, a “3D Sound” home theater system, incorporating LG’s 3D sound technology with a state-of-the-art Blu-ray system. The BH9420PW enhances the 3D experience by adding a dimension of height to the audio field and uses 3D Sound Zooming to synchronize the audio with 3D picture depth when playing back 3D video from Blu-ray discs and broadcast sources.

“Following a tremendously successful year for our CINEMA 3D TV line, LG is excited to provide enhanced 3D experiences through our full line of 2012 audio-video products,” said Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, LG Electronics USA. “As a pioneer in making 3D fun, easy and engaging, LG is helping consumers make their home entertainment experiences truly immersive with our new 3D sound systems and Network Blu-ray players.”

Complete Home Theater in 3D
The BH9420PW incorporates both 3D Sound and 3D Sound Zooming capability, offering a “live in your living room” experience for consumers. This 3D surround sound home theater provides consumers with high-quality 360-degree 3D sound through a unique 9.1 speaker system that creates an expanded sound field around the listener through the additional vertical-firing speaker units. This flagship Home Theater System also includes a 3D Blu-ray disc player with LG’s innovative Smart TV* application suite for access to a variety of content and services, including movies, music and over 1,200 applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, CinemaNow, Amazon VOD, YouTube, Pandora, MOG and more. All online content can be accessed via a home network using the player’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Consumers can also stream audio files from their smart phones or MP3 players via Bluetooth for playback on the home theater.

Additional Home Theater Systems also announced this week at CES include:

BH9220BW – Incorporates LG’s 3D Sound technology, Bluetooth streaming, Blu-ray Player with LG’s Smart TV* and built-in Wi-Fi. It’s a 9.1 speaker system including two wireless satellite rear speakers, two satellite front speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer.

BH6820SW – Incorporates 3D Blu-ray Player with LG’s Smart TV* and built-in Wi-Fi. This 5.1 channel speaker system includes two wireless satellite rear speakers for easy home installation, two satellite front speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer.

BH6720S – Incorporates 3D Blu-ray Player with LG’s Smart TV* and built-in Wi-Fi. It’s a 5.1 channel speaker system including four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer.

Delivering 3D Sound Into the Home
Leading LG’s 2012 line-up of sound bars is LG’s NB3520A, an easy-to-use, 300W, 2.1 channel speaker bar and subwoofer duo that incorporates Bluetooth connectivity, delivering big-screen sound.

Bluetooth connectivity enables consumers to playback streamed content from mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops. For more content playback options, it can play MP3 and WMA files from USB flash memory drives.

The NB3520A’s wall-mountable design and clean and modern look makes it the ideal accompaniment for a 42-inch class size TV (or larger) within any living space. Only a single cable is required to connect to a TV, as the subwoofer is connected wirelessly.

Additional sound bars on display at CES include:

NB2420A – This wall-mountable 160W, 2 channel speaker bar incorporates Bluetooth for content streamed from devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.

NB2520A – A stand-type speaker bar with built-in subwoofers, the NB2520A incorporates 3 HDMI inputs with 3D pass-through for multiple peripheral device connections and 1 HDMI output for simple connection to the TV.

Increased Content with Improved Picture Quality
In all, LG introduced four new Network Blu-ray Players; these feature 3D capability, advanced content options, wireless (802.11 n) network technology and excellent picture quality. They also include Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) functionality, which expands entertainment options by enabling easier access to family videos and pictures stored on other DLNA-enabled systems, such as computers, making content options almost limitless. Full details on the models are below:

BP620 – This Full HD 1080p 3D-enabled Network Blu-ray Player with LG Smart TV* also includes built-in Wi-Fi capability and DLNA.

BP520 – Full HD 1080p 3D Network Blu-ray Player features LG Smart TV* and is Wi-Fi ready (adaptor required, sold separately) and DLNA.

BP320 – Full HD 1080p Network Blu-ray Player with LG Smart TV* and built-in Wi-Fi capability.

BP220 – Full HD 1080p BD player with LG Smart TV* via wired Ethernet connection.

*Internet connection & certain subscriptions required and sold separately. Content and services vary by product and are subject to change without notice.

About LG Electronics USA
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