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Lite-On Europe Unveils 12X Blu-ray Writer

Lite-On Europe announced its new 12X Blu-ray Disc (BD) writer, the iHBS212.

According to the statement, this PC-compatible Blu-ray writer is capable of recording and playing back the most popular media formats including Blu-ray, DVD and CD. In addition to writing BD-R single-layer (SL) discs at 12X, the iHBS212 writes double-layer (DL) BD-R media at 8X and reads BD-ROM discs at 8X. Single-layer DVD±R discs can be written at 16X, dual-layer DVD±R at 8X and rewritable discs at 8X (+RW) and 6X (-RW). The drive reads and writes CD-R at 48X and rewrites CD-RW at 24X.

“With the iHBS212 Lite-On strengthens its position as a leading Optical Disc Drive manufacturer”, says Lite-On marketing manager Jelmer Veldman. “Now that the marketing adoption of the Blu-ray format is increasing ever more, we are happy to offer our consumers this up-to-day Blu-ray writer, next to our BD-COMBO and BD-ROM drives,” adds Veldman.

The iHBS112 incorporates Serial-ATA interface for better performance and versatility. The drive is designed using a short-loader mechanism for better airflow and a lower noise level, and is well-suited for mini desktop PCs. With the included LightScribe technology users can apply laser-etched labels directly onto their LightScribe discs. The iHBS212 is equipped with CyberLink BD Suite, including various Blu-ray writing and playback applications.

Featured with the drive is Lite-On’s SmartWrite technology for setting the optimum speed of operation, enabling users to burn and work simultaneously. Users can run other applications while making a BD, DVD or CD with a minimum risk of failed burns, or creating coasters. Also included are SmartX technologies, used to adjust data extraction speed, such as decreasing the reading speed when possible to reduce acoustic noise and anti-vibration, and provide smooth and quiet playback.

The iHBS212 will be available for € 165 (MSRP) in a retail version at the end of June 2010. A bulk version (iHBS112) is currently available for €149 (MSRP).

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