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Lite-On Launches MyDisk Suite

Lite-On announced that it has launched its MyDisk Suite optical disc burning application for the PC, iPad and iPhone.

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Unedited press release follows:

Lite-On launch first drive with MyDisk Suite:user-centered smart burning software with the ability burn iPhone and iPad images straight to disc

03 October 2011

Lite-On (, a global leader of optical storage solutions, announces the new disc burning comes to the iPhone with the launch of Lite-On’s exclusive MyDisk Suite. A survey finding that eighty three percent of users who purchase disc burners do not install the software suites included with the hardware spurred Lite-On to create MyDisk Suite, a smarter, more interesting form of disc burning software. MyDisk Suite’s tools work with Lite-On drives to integrate disc burning, file indexing, cover creation, and the development of disc menus.

A generation of 17-45 year old customers who share their lives and their media have difficulty finding files they have burned and find current burning software difficult to use. MyDisk Suite requires only a few straightforward steps and incorporates a set of applications for the PC, iPad and iPhone. Applications including DiskIndex, DiskCollection, DiskCase, and DiskMobile present a brand-new approach to disc burning, making disc burning easier, smarter and more interesting. It brings together drag-and-drop disc burning, file/disc indexing, customised menus, personalised disc covers and iOS image burning that is intuitive and user-centric.

DiskMobile allows users to transfer iOS images straight to a Lite-On DVD burner. Burn images from an iOS device onto disc and share files by giving other Lite-On owners the unique internet address. (wifi) Additionally, DiskMobile can be used to back up photos against theft or loss of iPhone or iPad and free up storage on the device.

DiskCase is an innovative iPad application offering users the option to design disc covers that are ready to use once printed on to a single sheet of paper. Creative case covers replace the boring, bland ones of the past – design an original case cover or tailor an in-built template and display a strikingly special disc.

DiskIndex burns discs with easy to navigate, customised autorun menus that automatically load on a PC. Previously, when sharing files recipients had to tediously search through file lists looking for the photo, project files or videos. With DiskIndex, when the disc is inserted into a PC a custom menu appears allowing the user to find and view files to share. To create a disc with a DiskIndex menu, simply select one of the professionally designed DiskIndex templates, choose the menu items by dragging icons, then add the files to burn and click burn. Also, users can design personalised DiskIndex menus to reflect individual taste, profession or lifestyle.

DiskCollection is the world’s first burning software with a built-in data management solution allows users to easily describe and group discs, effectively creating a personal disc database. Featuring a drag-and-drop interface, disc cover printing, plus disc classification and automatic contents indexing, DiskCollection makes file and disc management more efficient in three simple steps. Firstly, type a brief description of the disc and drag-and-drop the files to be burned; click burn; then print the disc cover. DiskCollection automatically saves the details of each disc in its searchable index – the cover image, description and content of any disc are immediately accessible.

Lite-On Marketing Manager Minnie Lin indicated that “MyDisk Suite was developed for users from user comments and suggestions gathered in the development process, making the MyDisk Suite the most user-centered and user-friendly DVD burning software on the market today.” ]

The first drive to come with MyDisk Suite is the eNAU808 DVD burner a slender 8X external drive with swappable inserts for customization and self-expression. The USB powered drive is designed as light weight, 300 gram companion to slim modern notebooks. In addition to Lite-On’s new burning suite the it also comes with other third party burning software. The drive supports the patented LabelTag system a cost effective and convenient way for labeling discs without any special media.

Liteon eNAU808 with Mydisk suite is available in the market from September 2011. For more information please visit the webpage at