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LucidPort Adds Blu-ray to USB 3.0 Bridge Controller

LucidPort Technology announced that it has released new firmware that adds Blu-ray Disc (BD) capability to its USB 3.0 to SATA bridge controller (USB300).

According to the statement, in addition to connecting hard disks and solid state drives to USB 3.0, the USB300 can now link Blu-ray or other SATA optical disc drives to a PC’s USB port at Full Speed, Hi-Speed, or SuperSpeed. No additional drivers are needed.

“A USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection adds both convenience and speed,” said Reid Augustin, VP of Product Development at LucidPort. The extra current available through USB 3.0 allows Blu-ray drives to operate without a separate power source while the performance of USB 3.0 maximizes reading and writing speeds.

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