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M2 Transferring Optical Disc Activities

M2 Engineering AB announced that it is transferring its optical disc activities to M2-ODA International Ltd., which will exclusively market, sell and support M2 equipment and spare parts. The transfer will be finalized and executed before April 1, 2010.

According to the statement, during recent years, M2 Engineering has invested significantly for diversification into other business areas, including solar cells and consumer electronics components. This agreement with M2 ODA is consistent with the change in strategic focus of the company.

“We are accelerating our diversification into other areas and the transfer of our optical disc business to M2 ODA means that we will able to focus fully on these new business sectors while having full confidence that our optical disc customers will continue to be fully supported by a professional and committed organization” comments Rick Hooper, President and CEO of M2 Engineering AB.

M2 Engineering AB will continue to manufacture optical disc equipment at its production facility in Amata Nakorn, Thailand. M2 ODA will also establish a comprehensive service organization, including on-site support and spare parts for all photo-resist based mastering systems.

“The optical disc industry has changed dramatically in recent years, with many equipment suppliers either going into bankruptcy or simply giving up on the industry. The realistic cost structure and multi-product business model of M2 ODA has been developed to ensure continuing professional support for all current and new M2 equipment customers. M2 ODA will have a team of experienced replication and mastering engineers to support M2 replication equipment and all mastering systems. The primary aim of M2 ODA is to become recognized as the one-stop service provider for optical disc equipment sales and support” adds Martin Brown, Director of M2 ODA.

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