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MainConcept Unveils Transcoder for Blu-ray 3D

MainConcept GmbH announced that is is shipping a pre-release version of its Reference 3D transcoding application for Windows.

According to the statement, this new 3D transcoding application will encode video into stereoscopic and multi-view 3D video streams for the Blu-ray 3D format as an extension of the H.264 encoding process.

The Reference 3D transcoding application is a specially designed version of MainConcept’s Reference transcoder application dedicated exclusively to MVC/Blu-ray 3D creation which enables users to encode content into MVC/Blu-ray 3D compliant streams that can be played back by any Blu-ray player and TV supporting 3D content.

Key Features Include:

* Ready-to-use Blu-ray 3D transcoder application
* H.264 settings structure for each view
* MVC Encoder Advanced Settings dialogs for optimized video stream quality
* Pre-configured Blu-ray 3D profile
* Multi-view stereoscopic encoding, up to 10 layers
* Single and multi pass encoding for each view (CBR and VBR)
* HRD model conformance
* I, P, B frames in base view
* P and B frames in dependent views
* Split view/stream capability
* Configurable offset metadata SEI
* Backward compatible to the broadly accepted H.264/AVC standard (base view)

“The resurgence of consumer 3D demand has fueled an urgent need for video production houses around the world to be able to quickly and affordably encode stunning 3D video for distribution on Blu-ray Disc,” said Muzaffer Beygirci, Managing Director of MainConcept GmbH. “Our special pre-release version of the Reference 3D transcoding application will allow customers with urgent projects to be able to begin using the product today and get the final released version as soon as it’s available.”

The MainConcept Reference 3D transcoding application costs $3,900 and is available for Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows Vista (32/64-bit) and Windows XP. However, it is currently available for a pre-release introductory price of $3,200. Those customers who purchase the pre-release version will also get the full released version at no additional cost and will be automatically notified when the final release is available.

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