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Marantz Launches NR1601 Slimline AV Receiver

Marantz America announced its new NR1601 slimline A/V receiver ($599).

According to the statement, the 7-channel NR1601, which will be available later this month, joins Marantz’ NR1501, which will be reduced in price to $399, in the company’s family of space-saving A/V receiver solutions. Just over 4” high and 13” deep, both units are approximately half the size of most conventional A/V receivers – and the same exact size as Marantz’ Blu-ray players – allowing them to integrate smoothly into multi-component systems or fit comfortably on a normal shelf or in a standard cabinet.

Noted Kevin Zarow, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Marantz America: “With their unique ‘Slimline’ chassis, both the NR1601 and our NR1501 solve a common problem for custom installers and consumers – how to integrate today’s most advanced audio/video capabilities into a space-saving home entertainment system without the addition of another large component. Just as importantly, both models reflect Marantz’ longstanding audio heritage, offering today’s most advanced codecs, providing users with a simple and straightforward way to enjoy superior performance from all audio and video sources, plus a host of integration-friendly features that enable users to take full advantage of today’s digital entertainment universe.”

With the debut of the NR1601, Marantz is giving space-conscious consumers a solution for enjoying many of the world’s most advanced audio/video features in a single convenient component. The NR1601 features 4 HDMI 1.4 inputs and front-panel USB connectivity for iPod digital. A full complement of built-in audio codecs ensures compatibility with advanced audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio, and a built-in transcoder lets users enjoy all their favorite composite and component videos via HDMI with a single cable solution.

Nine sets of high-quality binding posts, along with Audyssey Audio Calibration allow for quick and easy installation, and the backlit/learning/system remote control offers ergonomics and straightforward command and control, with Flasher Input for even greater CI interoperability. Completing its cosmetic, the NR1601’s contoured front panel combines aluminum and glass-reinforced resins for shielding, dimensional stability and styling.

The NR1601 is Bluetooth capable, designed to work in conjunction with Marantz’ new RX101 Bluetooth receiver ($99.99). The RX101 plugs directly into the NR1601’s advanced M-XPort (Marantz eXpansion Port) and receives audio signals from Bluetooth-enabled devices (PDAs, PCs as entertainment devices, etc.). The signals are sent directly to the connected receiver, allowing users to enjoy great sound and more flexibility from their home entertainment sources. Users may listen to streaming audio from their Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, MP3 players, computers or other devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Marantz NR1601 A/V Receiver Front

Marantz NR1601 A/V Receiver Rear

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