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Marantz Unveils Blu-ray Melody Movie

Marantz Europe announced its new M-ER803 Melody Movie (£799.90) all-in-one Blu-ray Disc (BD) system.

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Unedited press release follows:

Sleek Melody one-box wonder offers Blu-ray movie magic and so much more

The smart styling of Marantz’s Melody Movie system is matched only by its superlative performance. The Melody Movie takes all the technological know-how Marantz has garnered from its superlative range of five star rated Blu-ray sources – such as the £5000 UD9004 – and squeezes it into the most beautiful of little black boxes, one sporting a chic aluminium cabinet and finished with a shiny black top.

Despite such handsome styling and diminutive dimensions, the Marantz Movie is no half-measure and its beauty is more than skin deep. Sure, its compact size will delight those looking for a high quality and pretty source to fit into the dinkiest of spaces. But first and foremost, this is a high performance movie and music system, as befits the flagship model of the Melody Series.

The remote controlled Melody Movie is a one-box wonder and it crams a whole host of cutting-edge video technologies into its compact footprint. These include a high-quality Blu-ray player with BD-Live capability for exceptional High Definition images, DVD upscaling to 1080p HD resolution, and audiophile-level CD playback. The Melody Movie also counts direct digital iPod, iPod Touch and iPhone replay in its arsenal of capabilities – where the digital signal from the Apple device is feed to the far superior on-board DACs of the Melody machine. Completing the feature fest is a FM/AM tuner and Bluetooth connectivity (via the optional RX101 device).

All this technology is underscored by a ‘chassis-defying’ 140 watts of power from a state-of-the-art Class D digital amplifier. As a 2.1 design you can connect a pair of stereo speakers, with the option to add a subwoofer, and experience all-enveloping surround sound via Dolby Virtual Speakers. This system uses advanced algorithms and extensive room-modelling technologies to create the full home cinema experience from just two speakers.

And nicest of all, Marantz has ensured cables aren’t even visible when looking side on thanks to some clever cabinet construction. What we have here is more than a ‘micro’ system. The Melody Movie is a complete entertainment system that happens to be small.

The Melody Movie (M-ER803) arrives in November. £799.90