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Marcus Theatres to Install 19 Additional RealD 3D Systems

Marcus Theatres, a division of The Marcus Corporation, announced it will continue its digital 3D expansion with plans to install 10 RealD 3D systems in new theatre locations throughout the Midwest.

According to the statement, the company also plans to install nine RealD 3D systems at existing 3D locations in select Marcus Theatres. With the addition of the 19 new 3D systems, Marcus Theatres will offer digital 3D at 53 screens at 43 locations in seven states. All 19 3D systems are expected to be installed by April 2010.

“Expanding our digital 3D footprint continues to be a major part of our growth strategy,” said Bruce J. Olson, president of Marcus Theatres. “Monster hits like Avatar continue to move digital 3D full-speed ahead as digital 3D movies attract a wide variety of audiences. In fact, digital 3D films have outperformed the corresponding 2D version of the same movie by a factor of two to three times. We expect that digital 3D movies will continue to positively impact the box office as the number of 3D films continues to significantly increase and more 2D movies are being converted to 3D films.”

Olson said there is an explosion of upcoming 3D releases in the pipeline. Popular 3D films opening this spring and summer include Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans, Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. “There will be at least 20 3D titles released in 2010 and the potential for even more in 2011.”

“We will continue to explore additional opportunities to expand our digital 3D presence and we are actively considering the potential of eight to 10 additional digital 3D screens in the coming months,” added Olson. “With the 19 new 3D systems we will offer digital 3D in nearly 80% of our theatre locations. As our digital 3D expansion continues, more and more of our guests will be able to enjoy these stunningly realistic 3D films at a Marcus Theatre location close to home.”

RealD will provide the equipment and glasses for the 19 digital 3D system installations.

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