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Marseille Demonstrates 4K-Over-HDMI

Marseille Networks announced that it has demonstrated a complete end to end 4K-over-HDMI prototyping system, which the company hopes will help spur the development of Quad HD resolution HDTVs and video technologies.

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Unedited press release follows:

Marseille Networks Demonstrates 4K-Over-HDMI, Fueling Quad-HD Device Design

Enables Blu-Ray and AVR OEMs to Design and Visually Test Marseille 4K Chip-based Systems

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–Engineering for next generation technology trends in consumer hardware can be a challenge, particularly without the ability to verify quality and reliability in a physical system. Marseille Networks today changes all that with its complete, end to end 4K-over-HDMI prototyping system, stimulating the rapid adoption of Quad-HD resolution in Blu-ray and audio video receivers (AVRs) for the next wave of high definition TVs.

Available to a select group of first market movers, now engineers can test the visual clarity of Quad HD source devices on an actual 4K equipped TV using the world’s first 4K video coprocessors from Marseille.

“Designing for the latest and greatest can often be a guessing game for most CE manufacturers,” said Amine Chabane, CEO of Marseille Networks. “We’ve eliminated that, giving designers the confidence and visual verification that the Marseille video up-converter fits easily into existing designs and displays stunning Quad HD quality.”

The Marseille demo platform integrates the Marseille VTV-122x Silicon Evaluation Platform, Marseille’s VTV-121x 4K Display Device Evaluation Platform, Marseille’s 4K TV prototype, and HDMI devices. And by physically demonstrating the technology, Marseille has been garnering collaborative customer feedback on Marseille’s first 4K video co-processors.

The demonstration is made possible by the Marseille Virtual Silicon platform, which allows CE manufacturers and Marseille engineers to work together early on in the product development cycle to visually testing chip features prior to fabrication.

Quad HD offers four times the resolution of HDTV. Higher resolutions will allow for a true digital cinema experience in the home. Many AVRs and Blue Ray devices and next generation TVs will be moving to 4K resolution and much of today’s content –from photos to movies – are already captured in 4K.

The first of the company’s Virtual Silicon-based processors, the Marseille VTV- 1200 product family with 4xHD™ technology meets the performance, power and compatibility requirements for next generation Quad-HD enabled devices and is designed to be easily dropped into existing device designs.

The Source Device Evaluation Platform is available now. Marseille is currently selecting candidates for its 4K Leadership Program who will have early access to the VTV-122x 4K system solution. For more information or to join the leadership program, contact

“Ultimately, we expect to shorten the design cycle, enabling Quad HD to make its way to home theater enthusiasts by next year,” concluded Chabane.

About Marseille Networks
Marseille Networks, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., has created a revolutionary new business model enabling fast chip innovation while lowering development risks and costs. Their proprietary “Virtual Silicon” chip-generating platform enables unprecedented design collaboration with OEMs, resulting in market-validated, cost-optimized, production-ready products that create a predictable, repeatable revenue stream. The company’s Video Through Virtualization (VTV) co-processor line will rapidly enable adoption of Quad HD (4x Full-HD, or 3840 x 2160p) and 5K in consumer electronics devices and displays.