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Maxell Introduces Total iVDR Solution

Maxell Corporation of America announced its 5 1/4-Inch Internal iVDR Drive Bay, External iVDR Desktop Dock and 4-Bay iVDR Storage Library.

According to the statement, Maxell’s 5 1/4-Inch Internal Drive Bay, External iVDR Desktop Dock and 4-Bay iVDR Storage Library are aimed at the post-production market for ingestion, storage and archival, respectively.

These products make transferring files stored on an iVDR EX cartridge, simple and painless due to the high-speed transfer rate of the SATA and eSATA connections. Additionally, footage can be edited directly on the iVDR EX cartridge or off-loaded onto a computer, for editing using a number of programs, including Adobe Premiere, Edius or Final Cut Pro. Once completed, edited footage can be transferred back onto the iVDR EX cartridge for safe transport to a broadcast station or production house.

The 5 1/4-Inch Internal Drive Bay allows graphic and video professionals to build iVDR support directly into a desktop PC in a standard width drive slot. Adding this capability to a PC allows for the most streamlined operation with an iVDR cartridge. Users can simply remove an iVDR cartridge from the VC102 Direct-to-Disk device or standard iVDR adapter and place it in the drive bay, where files can be edited locally or transferred to the PC.

The new External iVDR Desktop Dock adds speed and flexibility to the acquisition process, by utilizing an eSATA interface (1.3GB/s) that nearly triples the speed of USB or IEEE-1394a. The addition of this form factor means professionals who work on a laptop now have an external option to take advantage of the format and fast transfer speed. Additionally, amidst the high-stress, hectic work environments of video professionals, docking the iVDR cartridge into the unit can further protect content while offloading it to a PC or Mac.

The 4-Bay iVDR Storage Library combines the practicality of the desktop dock with the desire of video professionals to use iVDR cartridges as a way to archive footage. Four individual built-in iVDR slots can be used as collective storage space with configurable redundant storage capabilities. The product also features the extremely fast e-SATA interface (1.3GB/s) for transfer of large data files and video footage (HDD in iVDR EX cartridge has burst speed of 830 mbps). Additionally, the built-in Ethernet port provides connectivity to a user’s network that allows automated back-up functionality.

Maxell’s 5 1/4-Inch Internal iVDR Drive Bay, External iVDR Desktop Dock and 4-Bay iVDR Storage Library are currently available for the list price of $299, $999 and $2,990, respectively.

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