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MEDIA-TECH Association Announces Appointments

The MEDIA-TECH Association announced that, after its recent members meeting held in Baden Baden, Germany its board has appointed Frank Hartwig of Cinram GmbH as Chairman and Donald Schaffer of Sony Chemicals Europe BV to the position of Vice Chairman.

According to the statement, Sylvia Hitzel of Singulus Technologies AG will remain as Treasurer of the Association and Michael Gutowski of Infodisc Technology GmbH will continue as Chairman of its Replicator‘s Committee and also as a member of its Executive Board. Martin Brown of M2 ODA International Ltd will step-down from his role as a board member and an election for his position will be conducted at the next members meeting that will coincide with the MEDIA-TECH Global Expo and Summit in Frankfurt, Germany on May 18, 2010.

The Association also announced the members of its Advisory Council for 2010-2011. Peter Falk of AudioDev Sweden AB, Michael Hosp of kdg Mediatech AG, Juergen Helm of Anwell Technologies Europe Ltd, Thomas Hackl of DataPlay GmbH and Tony Holden of ODC Nimbus.

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