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MEDIA-TECH Association Welcomes New Board Members

The MEDIA-TECH Association announced the election of three new members to its board of directors.

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Unedited press release follows:

MEDIA-TECH Association elected 3 new Board members at the Members Meeting in Hamburg, Germany

Hanau, June 17 2013. The MEDIA-TECH Association is pleased to announce that during the Members Meeting at the Mövenpick Hotel, Hamburg Germany, on 11 June 2013 three new Board members were elected:

Frank Hartwig, CEO of CDA, Suhl, Germany was reelected as Chairman of the Board. Frank Hartwig joined CDA in March 2012 as a Chief Executive Officer. Prior he worked as vice president and managing director for one of the largest European optical disc manufacturer.

As Chairman of the Replicator’s Committee and Member of the board Michael Hosp, Company Director Kdg, Stanzach, Austria, was elected.

Dieter Lubberich, Head of Distribution, Cinram, Aachen, Germany, became regular Board Member of the MEDIA-TECH Association

With CDA, Cinram and KDG important optical disc replicators are now active in the Board of the MEDIA-TECH Association.

About the MEDIA-TECH Association:
The MEDIA-TECH Association was created in 2001 to serve the packaged media manufacturing industry, spanning the range of optical disc, flash media and future formats such as holographic memory and near field recording. The MEDIA-TECH Association provides the packaged media manufacturing industry with a unique program of trade shows and conferences where the exchange of ideas takes place, along with demonstrations of the latest in manufacturing technology.