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MF Digital Launches Dolphin Blu-ray Duplicator

MF Digital announced its new standalone Dolphin tower for duplicating CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

According to the statement, the Dolphin features seven Sony AD-7260S CD/DVD or Pioneer BDR-205 CD/DVD/BD recorders, an internal 500 GB hard disk drive, a 500 Watt power supply and a duplication controller capable of full 12x speed Blu-ray recording. Available options include adding up to 2 TB of image storage as well as LightScribe disc labeling capability.

• DS2-5700 – Dolphin 7 Drive CD/DVD Tower $725
• BR3-5700 – Dolphin 7 Drive BD/DVD/CD Tower $1,995

MF Digital’s Dolphin is supported worldwide with free lifetime software upgrades.

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