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MF Digital Rolls Out RipStation 7600 DataGrabber

MF Digital announced its new RipStation 7600 series of CD, DVD and Blu-ray data disc rippers, suitable for archival, medical, financial and legal applications.

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Unedited press release follows:

MF Digital Announces the Release of RipStation 7600 Disc Migration DataGrabber Series

MF Digital is proud to announce the DataGrabber disc migrator line for archivist, medical, financial and legal organizations.

Farmingdale, NY — May 22, 2013 — MF Digital’s DataGrabber series brings full automation to the process of migrating your data records from disc to on-line available storage.

For those who have a large collection of media on any type or format of physical disc, DataGrabber is the solution to migrate that archive to local, network, or cloud based storage making it accessible, indexable and available on demand. Easy loading and unloading of discs, a large input capacity allowing for hours of unattended operation, and scalability make this a good fit whether the need is to migrate hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of discs.

DataGrabber data migrator supports all data types so it can be deployed in any sector without limitation, but through their knowledge and experience, MF Digital can supply the solution that is right for any individual or organization.

“With these new models in our RipStation lineup, we offer total flexibility for our customers when it comes to disc ripping,” says John McGrath, MF Digital’s U.S. World-Wide Sales Manager. “Our customers now have the capability to move optical disc data from virtually any disc whether data, audio, or video, to local or online mass storage including the cloud.” Mr. McGrath explains, “We have always been at the forefront of Disc Ripping Technology. With the introduction of our latest revision of the DataGrabber series, we now provide the end-user a network ready self-enclosed unit that is easy-to-use and has everything needed for fast and accurate automated disc migration.”

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About MF Digital
MF Digital, based in Farmingdale, NY, a division of Formats Unlimited, has been developing optical disc solutions for over a decade. The company’s extensive line of high quality manual and auto-loading duplicators, publishers, Blu-Ray products, disc ripping solutions, and USB/SD duplicators are used throughout the A/V, graphic arts and data/enterprise networking industries.