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Microsoft Launches Halo: Spartan Assault

343 Industries (Microsoft Studios) announced it plans to expand the Halo universe to Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Windows Phone 8 devices in July with its new Halo: Spartan Assault video game.

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Unedited press release follows:

“Halo: Spartan Assault”
Fact Sheet
May 2013

Title:    “Halo: Spartan Assault”

Publisher:    Microsoft Studios

Developer(s):    343 Industries and Vanguard Games

Format:    Digital download available only for Windows 8 PCs, tablets and Windows Phone 8 devices

ESRB Rating:    T for Teen

Price:    $6.99 ERP1

Availability:        July 2013

Overview:    Available only for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, “Halo: Spartan Assault” is a new top-down action shooter that brings a “Halo” video game to touch-based devices for the first time in franchise history. Developed by 343 Industries in conjunction with Vanguard Games, “Halo: Spartan Assault” provides an accessible, pick-up-and-play experience for fans and newcomers alike.

Set between the events of “Halo 3” and “Halo 4,” “Halo: Spartan Assault” is a new chapter of the award-winning “Halo” universe that explores the first missions of the Spartan Ops program and dives deeper into the backstory of Human-Covenant wars. Play through the eyes of either Commander Sarah Palmer or Spartan Davis stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity as they fight never-before-seen battles against Covenant forces.

With rich storytelling, intuitive controls, and best-in-class action, audio and graphics, “Halo: Spartan Assault” brings the epic scale and action of the “Halo” universe to mobile devices through unrivaled action and intensity.

Features:    Top features include the following:

•    Original “Halo” gameplay. An action-packed, single-player campaign spanning 25 missions in battles never before experienced in the Halo Universe, all played from a top-down camera view

•    New and immersive storyline. An original story set between the events of “Halo 3” and “Halo 4,” experience a new war with the Covenant, the first missions of the Spartan Ops program and the rise of Commander Sarah Palmer, all with best-in-class graphics and audio

•    Built for simplicity. A unique fusion of touch and consolelike controls for easy pick-up-and-play gaming, with the added flexibility of keyboard and mouse controls on Windows 8 PCs and tablets2

•    Integration with “Halo 4.” Earn experience points (XP), all-new Achievements, and unlock emblems for your “Halo 4” Spartan career, with additional integration features available after launch

•    Nonstop competitive fun. Compete against friends in Leaderboards or hone your skills against an onslaught of Weekly Challenges while collecting more than 40 in-game Achievements and Medals

•    In-app purchases. Grind to earn upgrades or speed up your training by purchasing credits for boosts, unique weapons or armor abilities

•    Only on Windows. Available only on Windows 8 PCs and tablets and Windows Phone 8 devices.

About the “Halo” Franchise
The “Halo” franchise is an award-winning collection of properties that has grown into a global entertainment phenomenon. Beginning with the original “Halo: Combat Evolved” (2001), the critically acclaimed and record-shattering series of games has since inspired multiple New York Times bestselling novels, comic books, action figures, apparel and more.

Published by Microsoft Studios, the “Halo” franchise of games is exclusive to the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and the Xbox Live online entertainment network. “Halo: Spartan Assault” will be released worldwide on Windows 8 PCs, Tablets, and Windows Phone 8 devices. To date, more than 50 million copies of “Halo” games have been sold worldwide, driving more than 5 billion hours of gameplay by people connected to Xbox Live.

About 343 Industries
343 Industries is the publisher and developer of the blockbuster “Halo” series of videogames and, as part of Microsoft Studios, oversees the “Halo” franchise, including novels, comics, licensed collectibles, apparel and more. 343 Industries is home to world-class developers working on the Reclaimer Saga, which commenced with the arrival of “Halo 4” on Nov. 6, 2012, exclusively on Xbox 360.

About Vanguard Games
Established in 2010, Vanguard Games develops high quality games for next generation mobile devices, game consoles, and PC. Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Vanguard Games was set up by industry veterans Martin de Ronde and Michiel Mol (founders Guerilla Games) and Arthur Houtman (Atari, Disney Online), who played key roles in the development of a number of blockbuster titles. Vanguard Games’ past projects include award winning strategy game Greed Corp and the critically acclaimed twin stick shooter Gatling Gears. The company’s mission is to develop games that set new benchmarks for mobile and online entertainment. For more information visit

About the “Halo: Initiation” Comic Series
Created by Dark Horse Comics, follow the ascent of UNSC soldier Sarah Palmer from ODST to Spartan-IV. (English Only/Sold Separately)

1 Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 versions sold separately. Estimated retail price. Actual retail prices may vary
2 Wired or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse supported