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Microsoft Ups Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription Price

In a curiously timed and unwelcome move, Microsoft announced that it is increasing the price of Xbox LIVE Gold subscriptions for members in Canada, United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

According to the statement, the increase is effective November 1, 2010 and affects the following packages:

Current Starting Nov 1, 2010
Canada 1 month Gold:  $8.99 CAD 1 month Gold:  $9.99 CAD
US 1 month Gold:  $7.99 1 month Gold:  $9.99
3 month Gold:  $19.99 3 month Gold:  $24.99
12 month Gold:  $49.99 12 month Gold:  $59.99
UK 1 month Gold:  4.99 GBP 1 month Gold:  5.99 GBP
Mexico 12 month Gold:  499 Pesos 12 month Gold:  599 Pesos

Microsoft also announced that it is offering a limited-time discount on 12 month renewals for its customers in the United States.

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