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Millenniata DVD Survives U.S. Naval Optical Media Study

Millenniata Inc. announced that its M-DISC was the sole survivor of accelerated life cycle testing performed by the Life Cycle and Environment Engineering Branch of the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAVAIR) at China Lake, CA.

According to the statement, NAVAIR independently tested five different brands of archival-quality, dye-based recordable DVD discs along side the Millenniata M-DISC. The sample discs were stressed in a combined temperature, humidity and light cycle test criteria. To assure reliability, the tests were repeated three times with identical results.

“None of the Millenniata media suffered any data degradation at all. Every other brand tested showed large increases in data errors after the stress period. Many of the discs were so damaged that they could not be recognized as DVDs by the disc analyzer,” as stated in the Accelerated Life Cycle Comparison of Millenniata Archival DVD report.

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