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Mission Accomplished for MEDIA-TECH Conference

The MEDIA-TECH Association announced that 255 people attended a successful MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference, which was held March 15-16, 2011 in Macau, China.

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Unedited press release follows:

The MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference in Macau received great acceptance from the Asian media manufacturing business

Over 255 persons attended the recent MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference in Macau, China.

The success of this latest MEDIA-TECH Showcase & Conference in Macau was due to its location so close to the heart of the media manufacturing business in Asia. Numerous members of the Asian market were present, as well as exhibitors from all over the world.

Key points of the MEDIA-TECH Conference were presentations made by leading research consultants like Screen Digest providing the latest data on the market, as well as notable contributions from ITRI, Moser Baer, Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba that centered on Recordable & Rewritable Blu-ray (BD-R/BD-RE).

Under the direction of Michael Gutowski, Chairman of the Replicators Committee, the MEDIA-TECH Association also agreed to move forward in founding a new committee for Asia. The primary goal of this committee is to promote the local interests of the Blu-ray Disc producers in Asia and to join other likeminded replicators globally. Participants and future members to be mentioned are Dalian Hualu Optical (China), InfoDisc Asia (China), PrimeDisc (Hong Kong) and U-Tech Media (Taiwan).

About the MEDIA-TECH Association:
The MEDIA-TECH Association was created in 2001 to serve the packaged media manufacturing industry, spanning the range of optical disc, flash media and future formats such as holographic memory and near field recording. The MEDIA-TECH Association provides the packaged media manufacturing industry with a unique program of trade shows and conferences where the exchange of ideas takes place, along with demonstrations of the latest in manufacturing technology.