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Monster Expands SD Memory Card Line

Monster Digital announced its expanded line of SD and MicroSD memory cards at CES 2012.

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Unedited press release follows:

Monster Digital® Expands High-Performance SD & MicroSD Memory Cards, Adding New 128GB SD and 32GB MicroSD Versions

– Company’s “Water Submersible” Cards Deliver Advanced Features and Capabilities, While Ensuring Total Protection and Security for Important Data; Ideal for HD Video –

New York, NY, January 9, 2011 – Monster Digital®, a leading innovator and developer of advanced memory storage solutions, is expanding its comprehensive line of super rugged, high-capacity SD and MicroSD memory cards. Monster’s Digital lineup, including new 128GB “Vault” Series SD cards and 32GB “Bunker” Series MicroSD cards, offer users of today’s high definition video cameras, smartphones, PDAs and other mobile devices new levels of performance, reliability and total peace of mind. The Monster Digital line offers the ideal memory solution for everyone from casual users and hobbyists to experts and professionals. Notably, unlike conventional SD and MicroSD memory cards, Monster Digital’s new offerings are waterproof, capable of surviving submersion in water for 30 minutes at a depth of 2.6 meters.

Memory Solutions That Meet or Exceed Impeccable Standards
Whether it is preserving your data, capturing the perfect moment or “living” your video game excitement, Monster Digital has the memory solution to meet and exceed the most rigid of standards. In addition to being water submersible, all Monster Digital MicroSD and SD cards are impact- and extreme temperature-resistant, and offer high magnetic resistance to prevent damage or erasure from both household devices and security scanners.

Monster Digital CEO Jay Tandon noted: “We all live very busy lives these days, and we need to make sure all our important data, photos and videos are safe and secure. The features and capabilities of our new SD and MicroSD products are designed to enhance functionality and protect your data at the same time. Thanks to the high capacities and robustness of our Monster Digital MicroSD and SD cards, we provide users with the best way to take advantage of all the benefits their mobile devices have to offer, including crystal clear HD video. Best of all, because our cards are so tough and durable – even waterproof – if you accidentally drop your mobile device in a sidewalk puddle, you can rest assured that everything will still be there when you need it.”

Introducing the New Memory Solutions…
Monster Digital’s Vault Series SD cards, which support both the SDHC and SDXC formats, set unsurpassed standards for reliability, toughness and performance. Like the company’s MicroSD cards, they are able to survive for 30 minutes underwater, and sustain the force impact of over one ton. They are available in capacities of 8GB (MSRP: $34.99), 16 GB (MSRP: $49.99), 32GB (MSRP: $89.99), 64GB (MSRP: $199.99), and 128GB (MSRP: $TBD). Notably, with the Monster Digital 128GB SD card, users can record up to 24 hours of HD video and take over 49,000 photos with most 10mp cameras!

Monster Digital’s Full Range of Bunker Series MicroSD Memory Cards are engineered with the same rigorous durability and data retention standards as the company’s SD cards. They are available in capacities ranging from the Class-10 32GB (MSRP: $99.99), which can record over 12,320 photos and 320 minutes of HD video, to 16GB (MSRP: $54.99), which can record over 6,100 photos and 160 minutes of HD video, Class-10 8GB (MSRP: $34.99), offering over 3,000 photos, 80 minutes of HD video, Class-4 8GB (MSRP: $29.99), and the entry-level 4GB version (MSRP: $24.99).

About Monster Digital®
Simi Valley, CA-based Monster Digital is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing today’s most advanced data memory solutions. The company’s leading-edge memory products feature high-capacity storage, rapid transfer rates, and rugged construction that meet military standards for shock, vibration and impact so users can relax and enjoy the moment now and for years to come. Monster, the Monster logo, Monster Digital, the product and packaging are trademarks or registered trademarks of Monster Cable Products, Inc., or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. SD, SDHC, miniSDHC, microSDHC, SDXC and microSDXC Logos are trademarks of SD-3C, LLC.