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Moser Baer Enters Insolvency, Stops Optical Disc Production

Some sad news today. It has come to our attention that Moser Baer India Limited has entered insolvency and stopped producing optical discs.

According to public filings, one of Moser Baer’s major creditors submitted an application against the company in November, thus pushing it and its solar division into a formal insolvency resolution process.

In the mean time, the manufacturer and marketer of writable and prerecorded optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) and other storage media, as well as LED lighting and solar equipment, continues to lock out disgruntled workers (over 2,200 according to published reports) at its factory in Greater Noida, India.

Once one of the largest optical disc manufacturers in the world with heady solar ambitions, the company is no stranger to controversy and has struggled for years. Given current market conditions, as well as Moser Baer’s labour strife, debts and admittedly “severe liquidity crunch,” it remains to be seen what will become of this formerly high flying concern.

As a matter of brief history, Moser Baer was founded in 1983, entered the data storage market a few years later manufacturing floppy diskettes, expanded into CD-R disc production in 1999 and shifted gears into photovoltaics and home entertainment in 2006.