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Mozaex Unveils Blu-ray 3D Server

Mozaex announced its new Solo 2 3D all-in-one 12TB Blu-ray 3D entertainment server.

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Salt Lake City – January 31, 2010 – Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi-room, multi-media Blu-ray entertainment servers, announced today it has begun shipping the Solo 2 3D all-in-one 12TB Blu-ray 3D Entertainment Server.

Mozaex is demonstrating the Solo 2 3D along with its entire product line at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from February 1 – 3 alongside its exclusive German distributor Audionetwork in Booth 1L49 in the RAI Exhibition Centre.

“The Solo 2 3D simplifies entertainment by providing instant access to your entire collection of Blu-ray movies, Blu-ray 3D movies, DVD, music, photos, and online media including Pandora and others,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “The Solo 2 3D satisfies the growing „sweet spot‟ demand in the market for a scalable, two-room Blu-ray solution that retails for less than $10,000. No other entertainment media server offers this incredible price to performance value.”

With retail International pricing starting at less than $7,000 USD and with up to 12TBs of media storage, the Solo 2 3D is the world‟s highest quality, most affordable and most scalable all-in-one Blu-ray entertainment solution. Additional Blu-ray Players may be added for $2,995 USD apiece.

“Our 750 authorized dealers in more than 20 countries continue to be an invaluable source of product innovation and market success,” Kihm continued. “First we met their growing demand for a no-compromise all-in-one Blu-ray 3D solution in 2010, and this year we have met the need to store and play up to 300 Blu-ray or 1,500 DVD movies at an incredibly affordable price.”

The Solo 2 3D‟s stylish, compact and ultra quiet design meets the needs of the consummate home theater enthusiast. Inside its beautifully styled black brushed aluminum chassis is a complete Blu-ray 3D entertainment system that only takes 340mm of shelf depth and is cooled by dual ultra quiet 20db fans. A rack mount kit is optionally available for 19-inch rack mount applications.

Mozaex continues to lead the industry since introducing the world‟s first, award-winning 3D media server in 2010. “Like the original Blu-ray format, which is now considered to be a minimum requirement in home theater media servers, Blu-ray 3D has already begun to prove its immersive entertainment value and demand in public movie theaters,” add Kihm. “Reports, including one from I3DS, indicate that 3D movies garnered more than 25 percent of all 2010 movie theater sales, while only representing less than 5 percent of total movies released.”

Kihm continued, “Once a 3D movie is no longer showing in the theaters, the only way to experience the same unique, immersive 3D quality is in the home. Mozaex offers our customers an unparalleled home movie experience based on both today‟s and tomorrow„s 3D technology. With 3D‟s continued growth in popularity, our 3D solution ensures future safe investments in our customer‟s 3D home theater and 3D media collection.”

Mozaex continues to offer the broadest support for 3D TVs and 3D glasses. Mozaex has announced the addition of Mitsubishi DLP, Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung 3D TVs plus NVidia® 3D Vision and XPAND glasses to its growing list of compatible 3D TVs and glasses. The Solo 2 3D is based on the industry‟s best of breed components, including the Intel i3 processor and NVidia GPUs, 3D Vision™, CUDA™ and PureVideo™ technology.

New Cache 100 Disc Changer May Optionally Be Used
The Mozaex system is 100 percent legal because it does not ship with any unlicensed decryption software. However, for those who want greater peace-of-mind regarding any legal issues, Mozaex optionally offers a “Cache 100” disc changer that prevents movie playback if the disc is not present. The Cache 100 is expected to ship by March 31, 2011 and has an International retail price of $2,495 USD.

As it is with hundreds of millions of installed personal computers, it is the user‟s responsibility to obey all copyright laws when, for example, importing or downloading media from the internet or if they decide to install decryption software onto a computer. Mozaex respects the rights of all copyright owners and requires the user‟s acceptance to obey all laws before the system is useable.

Effortless Expansion of Rooms, Storage plus Broad Remote Control Integration
To further expand the Solo, simply add up to four players so you can simultaneously play any media at any time in five rooms. The player‟s International retail pricing begins at $2,995 USD. For larger projects, Mozaex offers the “Player/Server” family which virtually supports an unlimited number of players and RAID 6 storage. A new Enterprise Class of Mozaex server is also being released in March 2011 that supports up to an unprecedented 200TBs of SAS RAID 6 protected media storage.

Mozaex offers the broadest interoperability with virtually any control system, including touch panel controllers from companies including Crestron®, AMX®, Control4®, RTI®, Savant®, Elan® and NetStreams®.

To minimize on-site service, Mozaex includes with every system a service utility called SurePlay™ that allows the dealer or Mozaex to easily login to the Solo to perform period checkups and update software. In addition, an EasyUp™ utility allows users to easily perform updates to the Mozaex software.

Mozaex offers at no-charge a live webinar technical training class plus free standard software updates.

Mozaex products are covered by a limited two-year warranty and free product lifetime telephone support.

About Mozaex
Mozaex was formed by the founder and developer of the Axonix® MediaMax™ with the goal of delivering the world‟s finest and most reliable Blu-ray™ Entertainment Server. Mozaex is a multi-room media server that loads, stores and instantly delivers, Blu-ray movies, music, photos and Internet content. Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability and quality, Mozaex has quickly become the solution of choice for homes and yachts around the world. Mozaex is sold exclusively through a network of 750 dealers that are supported by 10 domestic rep firms and 18 international distributors in more than 25 countries.