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Mozaex Unveils Chroma Blu-ray Entertainment Servers

Mozaex announced its new Chroma series of multi-room entertainment servers that support iTunes, VUDU (UltraViolet) and Blu-ray Disc (BD) movies.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – June 25, 2012 – Mozaex™, the premiere manufacturer of multi-room, multi-media Blu-ray entertainment servers, announced today it has begun shipping a new series of multi-room Entertainment Servers called Chroma that combines iTunes with Blu-ray.

Croma’s “iBlu” combines the popularity and ease of iTunes with the quality of Blu-ray

“Mozaex has once again set a new value proposition in home entertainment by introducing the first Entertainment Server that combines the features of a Blu-ray Server and an Apple TV into a single unit for less than $3,600,” said Mozaex CEO Douglas Kihm. “By combining the quality of Blu-ray® with the convenience of Apple TV® and other online media, Chroma offer’s our dealers a unique opportunity to expand sales while dramatically improving their clients’ entertainment value and experience. At these extraordinary prices, everyone can now afford luxury on-demand entertainment.”

Kihm added that no other multi-room entertainment server offers this incredible price-to-performance value. “The nearest competition cost thousands of dollars more, requires an unreliable, complicated mechanical disc-changer, and doesn’t support iTunes, UV, photos, home videos or online media.

“It is a perfect replacement for the discontinued Sony Blu-ray disc changer used in thousands of single room projects and perfect for multiple room projects with budgets under five thousand dollars”.

Chroma includes “iBLU”, which supports both the iTunes movies/music store and Blu-ray movies. Chroma also includes a feature called iPlay™, which allows the user to play their iTunes library of movies and music using Apple’s elegantly designed, free iPad/iPhone “Remote” App. Chroma works with the Apple AirPort Express unit so Chroma’s music can be extended to another room wirelessly.

“iTunes, Apple TV and iPad/iPhone iDevices have revolutionized multi-room music and touch panel control yet the dealer channel has not yet been able to fully capitalize on this profitable revolution until now. With a price of a music-only server, Mozaex dealers can now offer a full featured multi-room iTunes Music Server plus a full featured Blu-ray and iTunes movie server with iDevice control.”

You can both buy and browse media via its HD TV interface and unlike Apple TV, Chroma doesn’t require a TV to play music when using the Apple Remote App. You can also add unlimited Chroma Sonnets music players for multi-room iTunes music and other online media throughout the home. Chroma supports photo slide shows and 10 video formats for playing home videos and downloaded videos. For countries where it is available, Chroma also supports the new US service called VUDU Ultraviolet (UV) that allows you to download UV movies to your mobile phone, laptop, or Chroma.

Chroma and all Mozaex models also support 6 new User Interface international languages.

New Chroma Sonnet affordably adds wireless music playback to any room in the house
Sonnet is a wireless music-only player, for use when only music and online musical media is needed. Sonnet plays loaded CDs, iTunes music, and imported music files. Sonnet may be controlled with its included RF handheld remote, a two-way Touch Panel or an iPhone/iPad. Sonnet’s TV user interface offers the same HD Cover Art library that is used on other Chroma players and servers.

Chroma 4Play allows you to play discs, downloaded, streaming and mobile movies and music
Only Mozaex plays all four forms of media namely discs, downloaded, streaming and mobile. Now with Ultraviolet VUDU support, Chroma allows you to enjoy your UV authorized DVDs and Blu-rays on your mobile iPhone/iPAD, Android, Windows laptop, or via the Chromas VUDU online library.

Chroma comes with a handheld remote and may also be controlled by a number of other control systems including Control4®, Vantage®, iPad/iPhone®, Elan® g!, RTI® , Crestron® and many others.

Chroma is sleek, light and whisper quiet
Chroma is enclosed in a compact, ultra-quiet chassis that may be mounted into either a 4.4 cm or 1.75 inch tall, 1U rack space, behind a TV with its included VESA mounting bracket or on a shelf. All models have a weight of less than 2.26 kg (or five pounds). It’s compact size, low power and whisper quiet operation is perfect for yachts, especially where disc-changers cannot be used.

Chroma does not require an expensive, complicated disc-changer and is fully legal
While Kaleidescape™ recently lost a legal case with the DVDCCA; Mozaex continues to be contractually compliant and legal because Mozaex does not ship with DVDCCA’s or other unlicensed decryption software. In addition, since Mozaex has never shipped with any unlicensed decryption software, Mozaex products do not require a cumbersome and expensive disc-changer to play movies. It is Mozaex’s belief that the recent USA court ruling against Kaleidescape reaffirms that Mozaex products are legal in the USA and in many other countries where similar laws exist since Mozaex does not make, traffic or provide unlicensed decryption software.

Mozaex also believes that the court reaffirmed that the DMCA law does not prohibit the use of decryption software for legal purposes which includes storing content you own for your own personal use.

The court interpreted the DMCA law as follows: “A reading of the DMCA makes it clear that its prohibition [of decryption software] applies to the trafficking in and marketing of devices that would circumvent encryption technology, not to the users of such technology.”

As it is with the 100 million PCs sold every year, Mozaex does not ship with or require unlicensed decryption software to be installed or used to play a wide variety of local and online media. It is the user’s responsibility to obey all copyright laws. Mozaex does not promote or approve of the unlawful use of its products.

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International Pricing (USA and Canadian domestic pricing may vary)
The Chroma Series includes a “Chroma” integrated Player and storage server, a “Player” which plays all media, a “Sonnet” which plays music and online media and a “Stor” which adds external USB storage to the Chroma. There is a $100 license fee for adding your own USB or eSATA storage.

All Chroma models may be used with other Mozaex Players, Servers and Solos.

You can add up to 4 additional Players and unlimited Sonnets to a Chroma.

These Mozaex products are only available from authorized Mozaex dealers.

The following are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) and are in US dollars (USD).

Pricing may vary by country and is subject to change.

The Chroma 1TB is retail priced at $3,595. The Chroma 4TB retail priced at $3,795 USD.

The Chroma Player BD is retail priced at $3,355 USD.

The Chroma Player ND (which is a Blu-ray Player with no Blu-ray Drive) is priced at $3,125 USD.

The Chroma Sonnet music player is retail priced at $955 USD.

The Chroma Stor 3TB external add-on USB storage unit is retailed priced at $475 USD.

All models are currently shipping except the Chroma 4TB which will ship in September 2012.

Chroma is covered by a limited two-year parts and labor warranty plus free product lifetime support.

Contact Information
Mozaex USA: 3785 South 700 East Salt Lake City Utah 84106 –
Sales Department: +01.801.685.9000 –

About Mozaex
Mozaex designs and manufacturer’s the world’s most popular, proprietary Blu-ray® 3D Entertainment Server. Mozaex is a multi-room media server that loads, stores and instantly delivers, Blu-ray and DVD movies, CD music, photos and online media including iTunes®, Pandora® and Ultraviolet VUDU®.

Combining elegant operation with uncompromised reliability and quality, Mozaex has become the solution of choice for homes and yachts around the world. With over 7,500 units installed, Mozaex’s experience in the custom home entertainment market is second to none. Mozaex is sold exclusively through a network of 750 dealers that are supported by 10 US rep firms and 20 international distributors in more than 25 countries.