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MPO Accepts Singulus Blu-ray Mastering System

Singulus Mastering announced that MPO France, a subsidiary of the MPO group, has formally accepted its CrystalLine Blu-ray Disc Mastering system for both BD25 and BD50.

According to the statement, the Singulus Mastering CrystalLine system passed the final acceptance test with flying colors. The final acceptance test run was based on a full week production, during which an overall yield of well above 90% was shown. The resulting jitter levels were in average consistently below 5.5%. Since 2009, the CrystalLine has been geared up to master commercial Blu-ray Disc (BD) titles for the French and European markets.

“As beta-site for the CrystalLine over 1 year the MPO France technical staff, together with the developers at Singulus Mastering, have delivered a significant contribution to the development of this equipment as well as that of the stability improvement of its processes.” says Serge de Poix, Chairman of MPO France. “We are very pleased to see that the system has qualified for continued commercial production.”

“The early placement of the CrystalLine at MPO France was a challenge for all involved but has proven to be very productive. The yield figure includes mastering, electroforming as well as stamper finishing. Over the past years, we have learnt that all these processes have a significant influence on the overall yield. The result at MPO implies that meantime these processes are all well under control. Furthermore, the ideal combination with the BLULINE II from Singulus Technologies brings the MPO Group in an excellent position to become one of the most successful leading BD manufacturers of Europe.” adds Guido Dalessi, CEO of Singulus Mastering.

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