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My Eye Media Goes High Speed

My Eye Media announced that it has installed a 10 Gigabit-per-second fiber-optic connection that links the company’s headquarters in Burbank to One Wilshire in downtown Los Angeles.

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My Eye Media Installs 10 Gbps Fiber Connection to One Wilshire

Linkup will streamline client workflows and coincides with company’s implementation of massive digital storage and new digital asset management system

LAS VEGAS (April 11, 2011) — My Eye Media (, an industry leader in postproduction technical services and a pioneering specialist in providing unbiased, clinical QC analysis to film studios and independent content producers, has established a 10 Gigabit-per-second fiber-optic connection that links the company’s worldwide headquarters in Burbank to One Wilshire in Downtown Los Angeles.

My Eye Media Founder and CEO Michael Kadenacy made the announcement on the eve of the 2011 National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Las Vegas.

My Eye Media CTO Steve Waugh said the 10 Gbps connection gives the company the ability to move extremely large files in a very short time, thereby helping to streamline client workflows. It also provides a faster alternative to physically transporting hard drives to and from the facility when performing quality-assurance analysis of content that exists as computer files.

“A 2K feature could be transferred in under an hour, assuming similar bandwidth and hardware exists on the other side,” Waugh said. “It also gives us the ability to stream high-resolution video from remote locations, so we could potentially QC content that resides at customer sites.”

One Wilshire is one of the world’s preeminent points of interconnection, routinely routing billions of phone calls, e-mails and World Wide Web pages per week.

Commonly referred to as the epicenter of West Coast data switches, One Wilshire is a 31-story building located at the junction of S. Grand Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in Downtown L.A. and is home to more than 300 telecom service providers.

Kadenacy said the company is making this investment in its digital infrastructure as part of its commitment to provide top-of-the-line quality-assurance services in the new digital workflow.

“Our goal is to eliminate the traditional bottleneck that exists in the evaluation of physical media assets,” Kadenacy said. “This investment in a 10-Gig digital pipe, coupled with our upcoming implementation of massive digital storage and a brand-new digital asset management system to greatly increase our capacity, positions us as the industry leader in the QC of digital files.”

The ultra-high-speed connection will be the on-ramp to the 10 Gbps production infrastructure that is the core of My Eye Media’s facility expansion currently nearing completion. The expansion effectively doubles the size of the company’s operation to 12,000 square feet of contiguous space and includes a newly constructed data/machine room and nine new, state-of-the-art QC suites. Kadenacy said the company needed the additional space to expand its already-robust infrastructure, grow existing product lines and roll out additional ones in the months ahead.

My Eye Media established the 10 Gbps connection in partnership Burbank Water and Power and its Optical Network Enterprise (ONE) Burbank Dedicated Internet Access and Wave Lambda service offering.

“Burbank Water and Power is excited to have My Eye Media as a ONE Burbank customer utilizing its high-bandwidth 10 Gbps optical transport for their global connectivity and digital, file-based workflow needs,” said Jim Compton, Burbank Water and Power’s Chief Technology Officer and Assistant General Manager.

Kadenacy added that the 10 Gbps connection sets the stage for My Eye Media to upgrade to 40 Gbps and even 100 Gbps in the future when the infrastructure is ready and its customers require it.

About My Eye Media
My Eye Media is a leading technical and postproduction services company providing solutions and consultancy to major Hollywood motion picture studios and independent content producers. The company was founded in 2004 and operates its facility in the heart of the postproduction district in Burbank, Calif.