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My Eye Media Unveils 3D Testing

My Eye Media announced that it has unveiled 3-qual, a new service line that combines proprietary 3D processes and workflows with a newly built 3D testing and qualification suite for the purpose of testing 3D content destined for home entertainment distribution.

According to the statement, the company created 3-qual to capitalize on its core strengths — technical proficiency, unique testing methodologies and proprietary database technology — for the maximum benefit of its clients.

“No other independent, third-party QC company has the foundation to do this,” My Eye Media CEO Michael Kadenacy said. “From the beginning, our philosophy has always been to build our own internal infrastructure tailored to maximize the services we provide to our clients in the area of new and emerging technologies. Our extensive experience in performing the full spectrum of QC services — including the clinical analysis of 3D Digital Cinema Packages — and our understanding of the mastering process are what truly set us apart from our competitors. It is this soup-to-nuts approach that makes My Eye Media uniquely qualified as the industry leader in 3D evaluation.”

The new 3D suite features a state-of-the-art video monitor and processor, both of which have been integrated into My Eye Media’s production infrastructure. Combined 3D signals as well as separate left eye/right eye signals are supported, from either tape or file sources. The company has also added a DVS Clipster DI workstation to its complement of production equipment. The Clipster will be used to support 3D workflows when necessary.

“This testing lab is fully equipped to do mastering-level QC evaluation on 3D projects from a variety of sources, including Mezzanine files such as JPEG2K and ProRes, HDCAM SR and Digital Betacam, all the way through to Blu-ray Disc and all other home entertainment formats,” said My Eye Media Chief Technology Officer Steve Waugh.

My Eye Media was recently accepted as a contributing member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), an organization initiated in 2002 and comprised of a group of companies dedicated to developing, upholding and promoting the BD format.

Two years ago, My Eye Media launched Blu-qual, a BD testing solution designed to analyze the complexities of this emerging home entertainment format. Kadenacy said My Eye Media is now applying a similar methodology to the company’s 3-qual workflows.

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