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NCR Deploying BLOCKBUSTER Express Kiosks at QuikTrip

NCR Corporation announced that it will deploy BLOCKBUSTER Express kiosks in nearly all 555 QuikTrip convenience stores in nine states: Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Georgia, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.

According to the statement, “QuikTrip stores take pride in offering customers immediate access to quality and economical products in a convenient environment,” said Mike Thornbrugh, with QuikTrip. “We strive to offer relevant services and products to fit our customer’s needs. NCR’s BLOCKBUSTER Express-branded kiosks proved to be a perfect addition to our service offerings and enable us to add entertainment to the list of items we offer to our customers and their families.”

“NCR’s BLOCKBUSTER Express-branded kiosks are bringing efficiency, ease of use and entertainment to consumers,” said Alex Camara, vice president and general manager of NCR Entertainment. “Our DVD-rental kiosk deployments continue to rise as c-stores such as QuikTrip realize the added value they can bring to customers while they make their purchases. By partnering with NCR, QuikTrip is providing customers the ease of one-stop shopping for all of their needs.”

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