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NetBlender Ships MPEG-4 MVC Encoder for Blu-ray 3D

NetBlender announced that it is now shipping its DoStudio MVC 3D Encoder for Blu-ray 3D title creation.

According to the statement, the DoStudio MVC Encoder license ($6,995) also includes the DoStudio AVC Encoder for 2D Blu-ray encoding. A free trial of the DoStudio Encoder is available for download from the company web site.

“We believe that the current excitement around 3D will provide a tremendous boost to the Blu-ray production community because BD3D truly offers the highest quality 3D experience available,” said John Harrington, NetBlender CEO. “Since unveiling our 3D solutions at NAB, we have seen strong interest in BD3D both from traditional entertainment companies and from industries that to date have not pursued Blu-ray as a distribution platform.”

“The DoStudio MVC Encoder is a key addition to 21st Century 3D’s production studios in New York and Los Angeles,” said Jason Goodman, 21st Century 3D Founder and CEO. “The DoStudio Encoder enables us to quickly and cost-effectively share our cutting-edge high-def 3D footage with clients throughout the production cycle – something that was not practical before getting this encoder.”

“Interest in Blu-ray 3D in Germany and across Europe is very strong and NetBlender’s DoStudio Encoder with MVC support allows Syrinx Productions to maintain its position as a leading innovator in video production services” said Marcus Herzog, Syrinx Producer and Sound Engineer in Hamburg, Germany. “Syrinx worked closely with the NetBlender development team to beta test the MVC Encoder and we are extremely pleased with the final product, which quickly and efficiently produces 3D streams in perfect quality” said Syrinx CEO Juergen Klimmeck.

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