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Nexcopy Releases Bulk CID Reader for SD and microSD Cards

Nexcopy announced a new feature for its flash memory duplicators that reads the Card Identification Register (CID), including Product Serial Number (PSN), from SD and microSD cards.

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Unedited press release follows:

Nexcopy Releases Bulk Reader for CID Numbers for SD and microSD Flash Memory

LAKE FOREST, Calif. — Nexcopy Inc., a leading manufacturer in USB Duplicator solutions, announces the ability to quickly and easily extract CID or PSN numbers from SD or microSD memory cards.

• Quickly read CID numbers from SD and microSD media
• Easily read PSN numbers from microSD and SD memory cards
• Software GUI provides quick glance of all CID numbers on system
• CID numbers from SD media can be exported and downloaded to csv file
• 20 socket CID reader for bulk CID export functions

Nexcopy now provides the ability to read CID numbers from SD and microSD media in bulk. The CID reader is a 20 socket system and will quickly and automatically display and extract CID numbers, also known as PSN numbers, from SD and microSD media.

The CID reader by Nexcopy is a turn-key solution for reading CID numbers in bulk. The system is both hardware and software based and ideal for the telecommunications industry, GPS and mapping industry and SIM card pre and post production facilities.

“The ability to read CID numbers from SD media allows manufacturing facilities to save a bundle in labor costs and production hours,” reports Greg Morris, President of Nexcopy. “The CID numbers can be exported to csv files where manufacturing facilities can tie in their software applications and data load content specific to the CID numbers back to the media on the system.”

The CID reader is a feature included with all new SD and microSD duplicator systems. Current owners of Nexcopy SD and microSD duplicators must contact Nexcopy about upgrade details. The CID bulk reader is available for $1,299 through a world-wide network of authorized resellers.

Nexcopy’s complete line of USB Duplicators, CF Duplicators, SD Duplicators and microSD Duplicators are available through a world-wide network of authorized resellers.

About Nexcopy Incorporated:
Nexcopy Incorporated specializes in developing and manufacturing the finest and most feature rich flash memory duplicators in the market. Pioneering the solid-state memory duplication market, Nexcopy supplies Central and South America, Europe, India, Asia, Pacific Rim and serves the U.S. market through its U.S. headquarters at: 13 Orchard Road Suite 102, Lake Forest, CA 92630.