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NIST Awards Pixelligent and Brewer $8.2 Million

Pixelligent Technologies, LLC, and Brewer Science, Inc., announced that they have been awarded an $8.2 million project through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Technology Innovation Program (TIP).

According to the statement, Pixelligent, a developer of nanocomposites for electronics and military applications, and Brewer Science, a specialty chemical company, have partnered to create and scale up the production of high-quality nanocomposites (nanocrystals dispersed in polymers) with enhanced performance and new functionality that cannot be provided by polymers or traditional composites. Such nanocomposites are expected to have a wide range of semiconductor and microelectronics applications such as coatings that can create brighter and more efficient LED displays and new materials that can improve the performance of Blu-ray and other optical storage discs.

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