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Optical Media Industry Talks Turkey at MEDIA-TECH Conference

The MEDIA-TECH Association announced that more than 150 people attended a successful MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe, which was held June 3, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.

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Unedited press release follows:

MEDIA-TECH Conference Europe, Hamburg, Discusses New Trends and Developments in the Media Sector International conference with around 130 participants

• Jesper Schertiger, Senior Vice President European Sales & Marketing, Sony DADC, delivers opening speech

• Pure Audio Blu-ray and high-definition Ultra-HD TV technology enable new range of applications

• AMG, Italy, welcomed as new member of the Media-Tech Association

Kahl am Main, June 13, 2014 – The Media-Tech conference was held at the Movenpick Hotel in Hamburg on June 3. With around 130 participants from more than 20 countries there were more attendees at the industry’s conference than in the previous year.

Jesper Schertiger, Senior Vice President European Sales & Marketing, Sony DADC, held the opening speech titled: “Breaking the Status-Quo: D2C Engagement Driving Volumes in a Commoditized B2B Environment” and depicted the risks and opportunities in the optical disc sector. Jesper Schertiger commented:”The optical disc sector has the opportunity to enhance the various possibilities of the market and in particular the volume sales of Blu-ray discs with extensive and targeted marketing measures. Especially, meetings such as the Media-Tech conference provide important stimulus for the sector to further develop these marketing ideas”.

Sven Deutschmann, CEO of arvato Entertainment Europe, emphasized in his presentation: “Only someone offering additional service will find a good niche”. Sven Deutschmann added: “Once again, the Media-Tech conference was an excellent chance to discuss new market opportunities”.

New possibilities to extend the life-cycle of physical media were an important topic. The already available Pure-Audio-Blu-ray, which means using the Blu-ray disc to play back music in highest quality, is a new application of the Blu-ray technology. Another opportunity is the upcoming Ultra-HD TV (UHD = Ultra High Definition Television is the description for a new high resolution digital video format with 3840 × 2160 Pixel). Paul Gray, Director European Research at DisplaySearch-Solarbuzz, presented the market trends of UHD in his speech. Marcel Gonska, CEO/Founder of WLC, commented about UHD in his presentation: “The Media-Tech conference was an important opportunity for us to discuss the future developments of UHD with analysts, disc producers and content providers”.

The Blu-ray disc with a potential storage capacity of up to 100 Gbyte is the optimum medium to store such UHD content and to inexpensively make the content available to consumers. Rob Aubey from Sony Creative Software is a member of the 4K-Blu-ray development team and expects the 4K-Blu-ray Disc specifications to be finalized by the end of 2014.

Kai Uwe Marner, Marketing Director at Warner Bros., pointed to the new service UltraViolet (UV) in his talk. UV offers the optimum combination of physical storage medium and digital download for mobile devices.

Heiko Meyer, editor in charge of the professional magazine “Video Markt” cited the closing words of Frank Hartwig, CEO of CDA and Chairman of the Media-Tech Association, as follows: “After all these figures, I’m not sure if I should be depressed or optimistic. But I see it like Sven Deutschmann: The glass is half-full.”

During the Media-Tech conference in Hamburg, Frank Hartwig welcomed AMG, a key manufacturer of optical discs from Italy, as a new member of the association.

About the Media-Tech e.V.
The Media-Tech was founded in 2001 to improve the representation of interests of machine and equipment manufacturers for optical data storage. Today, as the industry’s association it provides companies of the storage media industry a platform to exchange ideas, market trends and future trends in the area of optical storage media for pre-recorded and recordable storage media such as for example CD, CDR, DVD, DVDR, BD, BDR, BDRE, Pure Audio and others.