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Optical Media International Offers ColorScribe 6000 CD-R Disc Label Printer

Optical Media International announced that it is now selling the ColorScribe 6000 CD-R disc label printer from Craig Associates.

Unedited press release follows:

Optical Media International Ships ColorScribe 6000 CD Recordable Printer; Bubble Jet Unit Solves Problem of Professionally Labeling Recording CDs.

LOS GATOS, Calif. — April 25, 1995 — Optical Media International (OMI) today announced the shipment of the ColorScribe 6000 CD Recordable printer. The ColorScribe 6000 solves the problem of professionally labeling, using up to 16 million colors, the Recordable CDs produced by the desktop CD recording units that are quickly growing in usage. The ColorScribe 6000 is able to produce a high-resolution (360 dpi) color image on printable CDs in less than one minute, using bubble-jet printing technology. The ColorScribe 6000 includes the graphics software, Corel Draw3 for the Windows operating system and PowerPrint for the MacOS operating system, needed to print color images. The ColorScribe 6000 is available from Optical Media International at $2,995.

Until now, the most popular means of labeling recorded CDs has been the use of felt tip pens. This method produced an unprofessional, at times hard-to-read appearance, and, when the wrong type of pen is used, has the potential to damage the recorded data on the compact disc. Many of the high-end business uses of recordable compact discs demand high quality printing on the disc. CDs labeled with the ColorScribe 6000 appear similar to discs that are factory-stamped and present the product that they contain in a first-rate manner.

Optical Media International is a privately held firm headquartered in Los Gatos, California, founded in 1985. A pioneer in the CD-ROM industry, OMI developed the first PC-based CD-ROM premastering system, the first PC-based multiformat CD recording system, the first Macintosh-based CD premastering and CD recording system, and the first CD-ROM XA premastering system. OMI also markets the award-winning Disc-To-Disk CD Audio capture software product.

Optical Media International, Ken Pomper, 408/376-3511, Fax 408/376-3519