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Optrima Unveils 3D Camera

Optrima announced that it has reached mass-production quality for a consumer electronics time-of-flight 3D HD video camera.

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World’s First Time-of-Flight Consumer 3D/RGB/Audio Cameras To Debut at CES 2011

Optrima’s New Product Brings Gesture-Based Applications, such as Video Games, User Interfaces and Enhanced Video Conferencing Services to the Television Platform

2011 International CES

BRUSSELS–Optrima, the leading developer of the DepthSense® time-of-flight CMOS 3D sensors and cameras, today announced it has reached mass-production quality for a consumer electronics 3D, video (HD) and audio camera. The camera, the result of collaboration with its partner Namuga, is the world’s first embedded 3D camera with high definition RGB. Consumers will be able to utilize the camera for gesture-based applications such as video games, interactive, touch- and controller-less user interfaces, as well as video conferencing and other exciting new user experiences, whether on desktop computer systems or connected TVs.

Optrima DepthSense® patented time-of-flight technology provides a highly responsive, flexible and low-cost native CMOS-based solution. The key benefits are the ability to offer a low lag and instant user feedback even on low CPU systems such as set-top-boxes and television platforms.

“The availability of a high-performance, low-cost 3D camera with built-in audio and video will dramatically contribute to the adoption of 3D gesture-based interfaces and applications by consumers,” said Andre Miodezky, CEO of Optrima. “We’re very excited to be the first company to bring such a product to the market and look forward to working with our customers to bring the product to the market in 2011.”

The embedded market, particularly for televisions, requires low cost and low-CPU consumption 3D cameras, with embedded gesture recognition capabilities. Optrima’s solution should prove to be the perfect solution for videoconferencing and gesture-controlled television interfaces.

Optrima will demonstrate its new camera and technologies together with its partners Namuga and Softkinetic at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 6–9, 2011 in the South Hall (MP 25959 and MP 25166).

About Optrima
Optrima, the hardware division of the in3Depth group, is the leader in 3D imaging technology based on Time-of-Flight (TOF). Optrima hardware solutions include DepthSense® CMOS 3D TOF imagers, 3D TOF Platforms and 3D TOF Cameras. Optrima has built this hardware utilizing its proprietary and patented technology, DepthSense™ 3D Imaging. Optrima DepthSense® sensors are ideally suited for building low cost (low bill-of-material) 3D modules and cameras. Optrima delivers hardware solutions to the consumer, PC and video gaming, health/fitness, industrial (automotive, security, automation) markets. Optrima, DepthSense® and OptriCam® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Optrima.