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OxBlue Delivers Construction Time-Lapse Video on Blu-ray

OxBlue, a construction camera service provider, announced that its time-lapse videos can now be delivered on Blu-ray Disc (BD).

According to the statement, the Blu-ray format boasts a 1920 x 1080 resolution allowing a true HD experience. Clients will now be able to use any HDTV and Blu-ray player to watch time-lapse videos at nearly four times the resolution. Offering as much as four times the resolution as that of a standard feed, a Blu-ray time-lapse presentation allows access to a project’s day-to-day progress. The detailed documentation of a site’s activity has never been clearer or more available.

All time-lapse video services remain available at standard resolutions. However, every OxBlue time-lapse order can now be updated to full 1080p Blu-ray. All videos are provided via a Blu-ray disc. Time-lapse presentations can be easily accessed and viewed with any Blu-ray compatible device, allowing clients to utilize HDTV’s and High Definition monitors.

“When we released the 8 MP camera, we were responding to a demand for a higher resolution time-lapse experience from some of our clients,” says OxBlue CEO, Chandler McCormack. “The expansion into the Blu-ray format is a natural continuation in that direction. Our cameras’ already impressive resolution capabilities allow us to produce full Blu-ray clarity from any construction camera, at any existing or future site. Clients will be eager to see and display these time-lapse images of their projects to current, as well as future partners.”

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