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Panasonic and AEG Collaborate on 3D 

Panasonic Corporation of North America announced that Panasonic will help launch a steady stream of original 3D television production from AEG Digital Media’s L.A. LIVE headquarters in downtown Los Angeles by providing state-of-the-art 3D production equipment featuring Panasonic professional video cameras and 3D displays.

According to the statement, AEG will acquire and install the 3D high-definition equipment in their AEG Digital Media studios as well as in other venues throughout the L.A. LIVE sports, residential and entertainment district. The 3D production platform will be managed and facilitated by AEG Digital Media.

As part of the deal, Panasonic will provide 3D professional video cameras, VIERA 3D large-screen television sets and production monitors and production training in a broad expansion of its role as AEG’s CE partner. Panasonic’s outfitting of the AEG Digital Media facility will allow AEGDM to create, produce and distribute music performances as well as boxing, comedy, and other original production in full 3D HD. In addition, the fully integrated 3D studio will enable the production of smaller, more intimate performances, and interviews with concert performers, and will also be available for co-productions with outside producers and content owners who require a fully supported state-of-the-art 3D studio production environment. AEG Digital Media’s digital broadcast operations center at L.A. LIVE features a full studio and sound stage, multiple edit bays, multiple control rooms, professional audio processing and top technology available in digital media today.

The 3D television programs produced by AEG Digital Media from their LA LIVE headquarter studios will be licensed to, among others, DirecTV’s N3D channel, powered by Panasonic, which is launching in June. N3D will offer a full lineup of movies, sports, music, and documentary programs and is the first full time linear channel broadcast entirely in 3D.

“Panasonic is proud to continue our leadership role in bringing the highest quality 3D television to the home. By helping to transform the AEG Digital Media broadcast operations center into a state-of the art 3D production facility, we will have the opportunity to deliver some of the finest performers working today to home 3D television sets in a way that allows people to experience this magical entertainment in their home as if they were actually at the auditorium,” said Mr. Taylor.

AEG Digital Media President Michael Goldfine added, “The immersive nature of 3D television is perfect for presenting our live entertainment experience to the home television audience. We are very pleased to be working closely with Panasonic, since they are leading the way in 3D with their televisions, cameras, and spirit of innovation.”

Shervin Mirashemi, AEG Global Partnership’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “From our venues to specific business units like AEG Digital Media, AEG is a company that believes in ‘best-in-class, best-in-service’ and our expanding relationship with Panasonic is further evidence of this philosophy. With the acquisition of this cutting edge 3D equipment from Panasonic, AEG Digital Media will continue to offer our clients the best facilities available anywhere.”

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