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Panasonic and Kagan Hold 3D Media Conference

Panasonic Corporation and Paul Kagan announced that they will hold a conference on the business prospects for 3D content in theaters, on TV and video games, in sports, advertising and marketing.

According to the statement, the 3D MEDIA MARKETS conference will be held Oct. 27, 2010 in the Empire Room of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

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Unedited press release follows:

Media Analyst Paul Kagan and Panasonic Announce 3D Media Conference in New York Oct. 27

CARMEL, Calif.–Media analyst Paul Kagan and Panasonic Corp. today announced the presentation of 3D MEDIA MARKETS, a conference on business prospects for the widening exhibition of 3D content in theaters, on TV and videogames, in sports, advertising and marketing. The conference will be held Wed., Oct. 27 in the iconic Empire Room of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City, where Kagan has conducted meetings on earlier media newcomers, including cable TV, cellular telephone and broadband communication.

“Panasonic is honored to present Paul Kagan’s conference on 3D media,” said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Chief Technology Officer of Panasonic. “The growth in the popularity of 3D feature films and the introduction of 3D TV is revolutionizing the nature of popular entertainment, creating a new esthetic, new businesses and new business models.”

“Panasonic has responded by quickly becoming the industry leader in the creation of an entire ecosystem of professional and consumer 3D products.”

“Hosted by the dean of media analysts, this newest Paul Kagan conference will take a thoughtful, hard-hitting and comprehensive look at the entire 3D spectrum, exploring what it takes for both established companies and new entrepreneurs to make it the next major entertainment enterprise.”

Speakers confirmed for 3D MEDIA MARKETS are:

* Ken Aagard, Sr. VP, CBS Sports
* Anthony Bailey, EVP/Technology, ESPN
* Jim Blackley, EVP/Tech./Cablevision
* David Chechelashvili, Head of Gaming/Retail, XpanD
* Sandy Climan, CEO, 3Ality
* Kurt Hall, CEO, National CineMedia
* Sean Hanrahan, Sr. VP/Marketing Solutions, ESPN
* Frank Hawkins, Founding Partner, Scalar Media
* Steve Hellmuth, VP/Technology, National Basketball Assn.
* Cliff Marks, Pres./Sales & Marketing, Natl. CineMedia
* Steven Roberts, EVP, DirecTV
* Andrew Sriubas, Managing Director, JP Morgan
* Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, CTO, Panasonic North America

….plus more to be announced.

“Media companies have climbed a steep learning curve to meet the demands of their viewers, users, subscribers and advertisers,” Kagan said. “And though there is the usual skepticism that accompanies all new advances in technology, 3D is well-positioned to endure.”

“This is the 5th straight decade of relentless media expansion,” Kagan said, “starting with cable in the 1960s, the VCR and pay TV in the 1970s, DVD and wireless in the 1980s, broadband communication and the internet in the 1990s and personal communication devices like the iPhone, the Kindle, the iPad and 3D here in the 21st century.”

More information about Paul Kagan’s newest conference can be obtained by email to PKWM’s offices are at 126 Clock Tower Place, Suite 200, Carmel, CA 93923. Telephone (831) 624-5100. Fax (831) 625-4417. Delegates to the conference can register on PKWM’s website: