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Panasonic Blu-ray Players Feature Skype

Panasonic UK announced its new DMP-BDT310, DMP-BDT210, DMP-BDT110 and DMP-BDT111 Blu-ray Disc (BD) players that feature Skype voice and video calling.

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Unedited press release follows:

Panasonic Introduces New Blu-ray Disc™ Players with Skype™ Functionality for an Entirely New Form of Communication

Panasonic today announced the introduction of three 3D-compatible players and one 2D player.

Panasonic Blu-ray™ products use high image and sound quality technologies to reproduce images and sounds that are faithful to the original movie, so they bring all of the excitement of a movie cinema right into the living room. In addition to producing high quality images and sounds, the five new 2011 models are even easier to operate and come with a wide range of handy functions, such as the quick starting and high speed playback of Blu-ray Discs™, a stylish, easy to use on screen control menu, and a Touch-Free Sensor that opens and closes the disc tray without the press of a button. The five new players now also include Skype functionality. By using a separately purchased communication camera, users can communicate visually with faraway family and friends.

Panasonic has worked with Hollywood film studios at Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory that we have maintained in Hollywood over a long period of time to research image reproduction technologies. These activities have enabled Panasonic to accumulate the know-how necessary to faithfully reproduce original movie images on Blu-ray™ discs. By applying these technologies to the Blu-ray Disc™ players, Panasonic has made it possible to render extremely high-level 2D images. Panasonic has also applied these advanced 2D technologies directly to 3D movie reproduction, to achieve truly beautiful images with even more lifelike realism, depth and texture. Sound quality has also evolved to match this image quality, which further enhances the beauty and power of the images.

One of the newest features available in the DMP-BDT310, DMP-BDT210, DMP-BDT110, DMP-BDT111 is the Skype functionality. Skype lets you enjoy real-time visual communication on a large screen with faraway family and friends by displaying their images on the TV. The Blu-ray Disc™ players also feature a convenient and unique Auto Answering Video Message function. Let Panasonic’s Skype-compatible players expand your range of communication from the living room to the world.

* Functions and designs vary depending on the model.