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Panasonic Canada Uncorks 2013 Smart VIERA Plasma HDTVs

Panasonic Canada announced its 2013 line of Smart VIERA Plasma HDTVs.

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Unedited press release follows:


2013 Models Deliver Increased Connectivity and Personalization Options, Expanded VIERA Connect™, Superior Full HD 3D, “Beyond the Reference” Picture Quality and Pristine Design

MISSISSAUGA, ON (March 20, 2013) – Panasonic Canada Inc. today announced its 2013 line of Smart VIERA® Plasma HDTVs. Continuing its tradition of developing award winning Plasma HDTVs, Panasonic has introduced an enhanced 2013 lineup built around re-mastered picture quality, advanced networking features, increased connectivity, user personalization, and stunning design elements. Ranging from 42-inch class to 65-inch class, the 16 new models provide the highest quality picture and breadth of viewing options directly to the consumer.

Building on its reputation for creating innovative products, Panasonic’s 2013 VIERA televisions have become more than a screen, now functioning as an extension of connected lifestyle and mobile devices.

The 2013 Smart VIERA Plasma line-up features:

My Home Screen – a personalization function that allows each user in the home to create their own personal home screen giving them quick access to their favourite content. (2013 VIERA ZT60, VT60, and ST60 Series)

Swipe & Share 2.0 – a connectivity enhancement that transforms the TV into a hub for streaming and sharing photo and video content seamlessly with Smartphone and Tablet devices. Swipe & Share also enables sharing of user-generated photos and videos that are on the large screen with other Android or iOS devices. Through Panasonic’s networking platform, users can transfer personal photos and videos from their Android or iOS devices directly to the large screen with a simple swipe of the finger and transfer them back to their smart devices the same way. (2013 VIERA® ZT60, VT60, ST60 and S60 Series)

Touch Pen – a feature which allows users to add their own writing to the TV’s screen using the optional electronic touch pen (TY-TP10) and transfer the images back to their smart devices or an attached media device. (2013 VIERA ZT60, VT60, ST60, and S60 Series)

Voice Interaction – offers easy voice operation by simply saying a key word into the Smart VIERA Touch Pad Controller or Smartphone (VIERA Remote 2 App must be installed). The search result is displayed on the VIERA HDTV screen and also verbally read out. (2013 VIERA ZT60 and VT60 Series)

Voice Guidance – an accessibility function that uses text to speech functions to verbalize text content (AV input, program guide and SNS messages) as it appears on your TV. (2013 VIERA ZT60 and VT60)

The Smart VIERA ZT60, VT60, ST60 Series models also include a web browser with built-in Wireless LAN and the VT60 will also feature Panasonic’s first-ever built-in camera to enhance the home entertainment experience. In addition, these models offer an enhanced VIERA ConnectTM platform including more options for streaming video content, unique social networking features, fully-integrated apps, and intuitive search features designed to make the user experience fast and easy. “Panasonic continually strives to surpass the previous year’s successes, and the new 2013 series of VIERA Plasma HDTVs does just that,” said Barry Murray, Director, AV Entertainment, Panasonic Canada Inc. “The series’ enhanced Smart VIERA functionality, superior picture and sound quality, and advanced easy-to-use connectivity capabilities have completely transformed the TV viewing experience. With the 16 new models, Panasonic has set the bar for years to come.”

The new VIERA® ZT60 Plasma Series is equipped with a master studio panel, producing deep black levels for stunning picture quality. The new design maximizes the natural properties of glass and metal to visually express the superb performance of display and colour. With the addition of a new Louver filter, the ZT Series line delivers improved external light shading, clarity and light transmittance. The new panel reduces reflections to create sharper pictures with higher contrast in bright environments.

Building on last year’s “Glass and Metal” design concept, the 2013 VIERA models continue to focus on sleek designs while delivering pristine picture display and superior sound quality. The VT60 Series includes built-in side speakers, and a thin metal pedestal with one sheet of glass featured on the ZT and VT Series models delivers a minimalist aesthetics and design. The ZT60 and VT60 Series models are also equipped with a Hexa Processing Engine. All 3D VIERA Plasma HDTVs include two pairs of 3D Active Eyewear.

ZT60 Series
The ZT60 series is Panasonic’s Full HD 3D Plasma flagship series and is available in two screen sizes – the TC-P65ZT60, 65-inch class and the TC-P60ZT60, 60-inch class. With 1080p resolution, the ZT60 series comes with advanced features for connectivity including My Home Screen, Swipe and Share 2.0, Touch Pad Controller, three HDMI and three USB connectors, along with VIERA ConnectTM, allowing consumers to connect to applications through the internet via built in Wireless LAN and Web Browser. 2D-3D conversion transforms 2D content to 3D images in real-time.

The VIERA ZT60 Series offers a “Beyond the Reference” level of picture quality. Ultimate black colour, contrast and crystal crisp picture are achieved thanks to the new Studio Master Panel with a newly developed panel driving method and panel structure with direct glass layer. The front glass is directly attached to the Plasma panel itself by Panasonic’s exclusive crafting methods. As a result of the improvement, dim and double images are cut off by eliminating the air gap layer between the front glass and Plasma panel. The ZT60 series enhances compatibility between ultimate picture quality and stylish design. 3000 Focused-field Drive delivers best-in-class crisp, clear images in either 2D or 3D modes. A wider colour gamut (DCI 98% Colour Space) is achieved thanks to a newly developed pure red phosphor. The ZT60 features THX® Display Certification in both 2D and 3D as well as ISFccc Calibration Mode with Advanced Calibration. Calibrators adjust the detailed picture setting with calibration software (CALMAN™) provided by SpectraCal Inc.

In addition to picture quality, operation and usability of the VIERA® ZT60 Series is also refined. Voice control and easy web search are achieved based on voice recognition technology in combination with new touch pad remote controller with a built-in microphone. Also, text to speech function offers voice guidance for convenient usage of the web browser. In addition, the painting and retouching function, based on Panasonic’s newly developed Touch Pen technology, offers a fun and new experience for using your TV. (Electronic Touch Pen TY-TP10 is optional)

The ZT60 Series offers advanced network functions via VIERA ConnectTM – Panasonic’s exclusive cloud-based IPTV function. Multi-tasking allows simultaneous use of apps from seven categories, including YouTube, Skype and Facebook. Web browser capability makes it easy to use the Internet from the TV. DLNA, Wireless LAN and Bluetooth are also supported for a high level of convenience. The ZT60 also features VR-Audio Pro Surround 2.1 for the ultimate in sound quality.

The ZT60 Series display panel is free of mercury and lead. A newly designed phosphor process and rear panel process give the Plasma panel longevity of up to 100,000 hours before the brightness of the panel decreases to half. This is more than 30 years of viewing when watched eight hours a day. The stylish design of the ZT60 Series is based on the concept of “one sheet of glass”, which accentuates the superiority of the panel’s picture quality and the unique pedestal structure with a thin metal plate.

The complete line-up of 2013 models includes:

Model No. Price (RRP) Availability

TC-P65ZT60 $4,999.99 May/June
TC-P60ZT60 $4,299.99 May
TC-P65VT60 $4,199.99 May
TC-P60VT60 $3,499.99 May
TC-P55VT60 $2,799.99 May
TC-P65ST60 $2,699.99 April
TC-P60ST60 $1,999.99 April
TC-P55ST60 $1,699.99 March
TC-P50ST60 $1,399.99 April
TC-P65S60 $1,999.99 April
TC-P60S60 $1,499.99 April
TC-P55S60 $1,199.99 March
TC-P50S60 $949.99 March
TC-P42S60 $829.99 March
TC-P50X60 $749.99 March
TC-P42X60 $599.99 March

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