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Panasonic Canada Unleashes 2012 HDTV and Gadget Line-up

Panasonic Canada announced its 2012 line-up of Smart VIERA plasma, LED and LCD HDTVs as well as Blu-ray Disc (BD) players, camcorders and home audio systems.

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Building Intelligence from the Inside Out

Panasonic’s 2012 Product Line-up Features the Latest Evolution in Home Entertainment and Smart Connectivity

MISSISSAUGA, ON, March 21, 2012 – Panasonic Canada Inc. today revealed the 2012 showcase of products featuring the latest developments in VIERA televisions, LUMIX digital imaging and audio home entertainment. With an eye on evolving Smart home connectivity and adding even more user-friendly features for tech novices and pros, Panasonic’s team of experts have focused on making every product experience intuitive, accessible, and even more memorable. By building intelligence from the inside out, Panasonic continues to lead the industry in state-of-the art innovation.

Straight from the show floor of Panasonic’s 2012 product showcase, please find below a snapshot of products to keep on the radar this year.

Delivering on the company’s five defining elements of IPTV lifestyle – picture quality, networking, ease of use operation, design and eco – Panasonic is introducing a cloud-based architecture that increases the VIERA ConnectTM IPTV platform to include an unlimited number of apps and an enhanced Internet platform via a new browser feature. With support of the Panasonic VIERA Connect 1 Smart VIERA HDTV platform, a new wave2 of the company’s proprietary Internet functionality, users can access a wide range of internet-based video-on-demand content and applications, along with even more options for streaming video and social networking, a fully-integrated music application, unique apps for children, as well as intuitive and broader search features.

VIERA Connect is integrated into 12 of the new models, providing easy access to such sites as: Netflix,  Facebook, CinemaNow,  Skype, Ustream, sports sites (MLB, NHL, Fox Sports), gaming, health and wellness sites, news services (AP and WSJ), BigFlix and YuppTV for high quality Indian movies and TV channels.

Panasonic also continues its commitment to producing eco-friendly HDTVs.  The new and improved high efficient LED LCD Panels reduce targeted power consumption up to approximately 25 percent over last year’s models.

The 2012 line-up of VIERA LED LCD HDTVs continues to benefit from the addition of the IPS LED LCD Panel (In Plane Switching) technology which delivers a wide viewing angle and almost no picture degradation at off-angle viewing; a super high speed 1920 Backlight Scanning for higher moving-picture resolution during fast action scenes; reduction of afterglow; and a smooth, crisp image.  Panasonic’s 16 new LED and LCD models include:

Panasonic VIERA WT50 Series

• Two models: TC-L47WT50 (47-inch) and TC-L55WT50 (55-inch)
• Connectivity: Media player for viewing digital images and HD video recorded on a SD memory card, VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and web browser, DLNA, four HDMI terminals, three USB ports

Panasonic VIERA DT50 Series

• Two models: TC-L47DT50 (47-inch) and TC-L55DT50 (55-inch)
• Connectivity: VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and Web Browser, a media player, DLNA, four HDMI terminals, three USB ports

Panasonic VIERA ET5 Series

• Three models: TC-L42ET5 (42-inch), TC-L47ET5 (47-inch) and TC-L55ET5 (55-inch)
• Connectivity: VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi and Web Browser, a media player, DLNA, four HDMI, two USB terminals, PC input
• Comes with four sets of polarized 3D eyewear and ENERGY STAR* certification

Panasonic VIERA E50 Series

• Three models: TC-L42E50 (42-inch), TC-L47E50 (47-inch) and TC-L55E50 (55-inch)
• Connectivity: VIERA Connect with built-in WiFi, DLNA, a PC input, four HDMI terminals, two USB ports

Panasonic VIERA E5 Series

• Four models: TC-L32E5 (32-inch), TC-L37E5 (37-inch), TC-L42E5 (42-inch) and TC-L47E5 (47-inch)
• Connectivity: Easy IPTV functionality including access to Netflix ™, DLNA, four HDMI terminals, two USB ports, PC inpu

Panasonic VIERA X5 Series

• Two models: TC-L32X5 (32-inch) TC-L24X5 (24-inch)
• Connectivity: USB playback, PC input

Panasonic VIERA Full HD 3D Plasma TVs
Panasonic’s 17 new models in the 2012 Smart VIERA line-up of HDTV Plasmas feature a range of screen sizes from 42-inches to 65-inches. For the ultimate in home entertainment, Panasonic has also added “3D Real Sound” with 8-Train Speakers to enhance sound quality.  To further improve 3D viewing the latest generation of 3D glasses are lightweight, at only 27 grams, utilize Bluetooth technology, and feature a rechargeable battery.

Panasonic also continues its relationship with THX, experts in high-fidelity audio / visual reproduction, with six Full HD 3D Plasma HDTVs certified in both 2D and 3D mode.  THX certification indicates to the consumer that the picture quality has been certified to meet the stringent standards of Hollywood’s top film makers.

Panasonic VIERA VT50 Series

• Two models: TC-P65VT50 (65-inch), TC-P55VT50 (55-inch)
• Connectivity: VIERA Connect with Web browser, built-in Wi-Fi and Social Networking TV

Panasonic VIERA GT50 Series

• Four models: TC-P50GT50 (50-inch), TC-P55GT50 (55-inch), TC-P60GT50 (60-inch) and TC-P65GT50 (65-inch)
• Connectivity: Media player, Bluetooth, VIERA Connect with Web browser and built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA, VIERA Link, four HDMI connections, three USB ports

Panasonic VIERA ST50 Series

• Four models: TC-P50ST50 (50-inch), TC-P55ST50 (55-inch), TC-P60ST50 (60-inch) and TC-P65ST50 (65 inch)
• Connectivity: Media player; Bluetooth; VIERA Connect with Web browser and built-in Wi-Fi; DLNA; three HDMI connections, two USB ports

Panasonic VIERA UT50 Series

• Four screen sizes: TC-P42UT50 (42-inch), TC-P50UT50 (50-inch), TC-P55UT50 (55-inch), TC-P60UT50 (60-inch)
• Connectivity: Media player with SD Card and USB playback, DLNA, VIERA Link, two HDMI connections, two USB ports

Panasonic VIERA XT50 Series

• Two models: TC-P42XT50 (42-inch) and TC-P50XT50 (50-inch)
• Connectivity: Media player with SD Card and USB playback, Web Content Smoother, DLNA; VIERA Link, two HDMI, two USB ports

Panasonic VIERA U50 Series

• One model: TC-P50U50 (50-inch)
• Connectivity: Offers game mode, two HDMI connections, one USB port

Panasonic VIERA X5 Series

• Two models: TC-P42X5 (42-inch) and TC-P50X5 (50-inch)
• Connectivity: Media player with SD Card and USB playback, SD photo gallery, game mode, two HDMI connections, one USB port

Panasonic’s 2012 camcorders are conveniently sized and extremely versatile for a wide variety of shooting situations. From the 2D to 3D conversion capability and special effect modes, to the High Sensitivity Sensor and compact / lightweight body, there is a Panasonic camcorder model to match virtually any lifestyle. Panasonic’s new line-up of high definition camcorders will arrive in Canadian stores this year and offer the following features:

• SD Card slot that supports SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards
• HC-V10 camcorder features high definition recording and a powerful 63x optical zoom lens with an upgraded Enhanced Optical 70x Zoom function
• The HC-V700, HC-V700M, HC-V500, and HC-V100 all feature a 1MOS sensor with 1920 x 1080 resolution and capture exceptionally high-quality videos in various lighting conditions, offer ultra-telephoto zoom, wide-angle lenses, and Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.)
• Available in blue and orange, the HX-WA20 camcorder features a waterproof3 design which allows for submersion in water at a depth of up to 9 feet, 8 inches (three meters)
• The Full HD HX-DC2 features a 14-megapixel still image recording, Intelligent 15X zoom, HDR and Active E.I.S. for blur-free shooting
• HC-X900M camcorder can record 1920 x 1080 and 60 progressive along with the addition of the new 3MOS System Pro, a re-engineering of all the core imaging components: the lens, sensor and engine

The 2012 Panasonic Home Audio System line-up is designed to deliver superior, high-quality, state-of-the-art sound, smart networking capabilities and a sleek, modern look that enhances the at-home listening experience.

Compact Stereo Systems
Featuring outstanding sound quality, all models in the 2012 HC Series offer users a pure, direct sound system with noise reduction capabilities with a crystal clear listening experience without the interference of reflected sound.  With sleek, ultra slim designs, the new compact stereos can be set up in places where conventional systems would not fit.

• SC-HC57 and SC-HC27 are compatible with iPod® and iPhone® devices
• Designed with lightweight, nano-sized bamboo cone speakers to create a more responsive sound, providing clearer vocals and crisper dialog
• The SC-HC57 features AirPlay® and a slide-out iPod/iPhone dock
• The SC-HC57 is available in March for $249.99
• The SC-HC27 is available in April for $139.99

Micro System
For the design-oriented consumer, the Micro System concept for home audio offers two unique products for 2012 that produce superior sound quality and integrate with any personal style.

• SC-AP01 utilizes Aero Stream Port to create rich and robust bass by controlling distortion
• AirPlay allows wireless streaming of music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or MAC/PC directly into the SC-AP01 speaker system
• SC-GT07 offers a modern classic guitar box design with a faux-wood-like front panel, setting stand and rotary volume knob to simulate the look of a classic guitar
• Aero Stream Port for robust bass and Pure Direct Sound System for clear sound reproduction
• The SC-PA01 and SC-GT07 will be available in May, for a manufacturer’s suggested price of $179.99 and $199.99

For 2012, the Blu-ray Disc players and Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ home theater systems build on Panasonic’s history of technological and critical acclaim with a line-up that includes a number of improvements over last year’s models.

Blu-ray Players:
With a focus on smart home networking, high-quality picture and sound, ease-of-use, new slim design and eco-efficiency, Panasonic’s expanded Blu-ray Disc™ player line-up features ultra-fast booting and loading, low power consumption and are Energy Star Qualified.

• Four new Full HD 3D models: DMP-BBT01, DMP-BDT500, DMP-BDT320, DMP-BDT220
• Two 2D Blu-ray Disc players: DMP-BD87 and the DMP-BD77
• All 3D models include Panasonic’s proprietary IPTV platform, VIERA Connect4
• All 2D models feature IP VOD5 a service that offers a limited, though targeted, selection of such sites as Netflix ™, CinemaNow and YouTube
• Availability and pricing for the new models:
- DMP-BBT01 (Available in June, MSP $349.99)
- DMP-BDT500 (Available in April, MSP $499.99)
- DMP-BDT320 (Available in March, MSP $249.99)
- DMP-BDT220 (Available in April, MSP $199.99)
- DMP-BD87 (Available in March, MSP $149.99)
- DMP-BD77 (Available in March, MSP $119.99)

3D Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems
Panasonic continues to lead in Full HD 3D technology with the launch of its new Full HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ home theatre systems featuring smart networking capabilities.

• Three new home theater systems: SC-BTT490, SC-BTT195 and SC-BTT190
• Integration of smart networking functions including Smartphone remote control, DLNA, Wireless LAN, digital music connection for iPod/iPhone and VIERA Connect™
• SC-BTT490 contains a built-in Wi-Fi system6, two HDMI inputs, dedicated HDMI output for gaming consoles and set-top box connections
• Available in April at $449.99 (SC-BTT195) and $599.99 (SC-BTT490)
• Available in June at $349.99 (SC-BTT190)

1 Access to a broadband internet connection is required to access VIERA Connect features.
2 Specific go-live dates and availability details for 2012 VIERA Connect™ applications will be announced at a later date.  Some 2012 VIERA Connect applications will only be compatible with 2012 VIERA Connect-enabled Panasonic VIERA HDTVs due to specific technology requirements required to activate certain applications.
3 Waterproof: IEC 60529 IPX8. This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all conditions
4 Requires an Ethernet connection
5 Requires an Ethernet connection
6 A wireless LAN environment is required
* Based on EPA’s Energy Star Program

All prices are in Canadian dollars. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Panasonic, Viera and Viera Link are registered trademarks and Viera Cast, Viera Connect and Viera Image Viewer are trademarks of Panasonic Corporation. All other trademarks are property of the respective owners.

Panasonic products are marketed in Canada by Panasonic Canada Inc. (PCI).  PCI is a subsidiary of Panasonic North America, one of the world’s largest producers of electronic and electric products for consumer, business, and industrial use.  Consumers seeking more information on the company’s products can call Panasonic’s Customer Care Centre at 1-800-561-5505 or access Panasonic’s home page at