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Panasonic Launches Plasma Reference Monitors

Panasonic Solutions Company announced its new 42″ TH-42BT300U and 52″ TH-50BT300U professional plasma reference monitors.

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These professional plasmas, available in 42-inches and 50-inches, are an ideal solution for production and post-production environments as well as content creation for gaming, graphics design, etc., where color accuracy and 3D rendering are important

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 10, 2011) – Panasonic Solutions Company, provider of collaboration, information-sharing and decision-support solutions for government and commercial enterprises, today announced the availability of the TH-42BT300U and TH-50BT300U professional plasma reference monitors for production and post-production usage anywhere CRTs have historically been used.

In broadcast and production, this could include a confidence check of input signals such as a waveform monitor to assure proper signal ranges or with real-time 3D to check proper signal and disparity settings from 3D camera acquisitions. In post-production, this could include precision color correction of content for mastering L/R 3D images in side-by-side format for 2D color correction. Until recently, colorists have had to color correct left/right 3D images sequentially. With this technology, both the left and right images can be on the screen at the same time, which is the preferred method of color correction. The BT300-Series for the first time also provides a single reference monitor that will satisfy both 2D and 3D post-production demands.

“With the BT300-Series of reference monitors, we can now offer customers in content production and post-production a reference tool made specifically for their industry,” said Rick Albert, Vice President of Flat Panel Displays. “This series of professional plasma monitors allows seamless color correction capabilities available immediately upon content acquisition from either 2D or 3D cameras.”

Additional Specifications of the BT300-Series:

· Full HD 3D ready

· Available in two sizes: 42-inches and 50-inches

* Slot card options for discrete 3D left & right inputs (HD-SDI or DVI)
* Deep black levels while preserving low-level details
* Advanced drive technology for smoother gradations
* Split Screen Display to compare L/R 3D inputs in 2D for color correction
* Multiple color gamut presets (Rec. 709, Digital Cinema Color, Native)
* Overscanning and Underscanning Modes
* Color Management System to customize placement of RGB primaries
* Blue Only Mode for calibration
* Independent RGB ON/OFF for checking secondary colors or monochrome images
* Waveform Monitor
* H and V delay to check H /V syncs and other signals in the blanking intervals
* Marker function to check active area of other aspect ratios (i.e. 4:3, 17:9).

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