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Panasonic Selects Gennum SDI for Pro 3D Video Equipment

Gennum Corporation announced that its Serial Digital Interface (SDI) solutions have been selected by Panasonic Corporation for use in Panasonic’s professional-quality 3D video equipment.

According to the statement, Panasonic selected Gennum’s SDI transmitter (used in the AG-3DA1 full HD 3D camcorder), receiver with integrated equalizer (used in the AG-HMX100 professional HD/SD digital AV mixer), receiver and equalizer (used in the BT-3DL2550 3D LCD production monitor) to address the intense bandwidth requirements for capturing 3D images while maintaining the integrity, quality and reliability of the 3D video signal.

“Gennum enabled us to be first-to-market with the industry’s most advanced 3D video capture, production and monitoring equipment,” said Mr. Akihito Nakatsukasa, Manager, AVC Networks Company, Panasonic Corporation. “Our 3D camcorder is the most integrated, lightweight offering on the market. When combined with our LCD production monitor and HD/SD digital AV mixer, the solution enables studios to engage in live 3D video capture, production and monitoring outside the studio.”

“Our expertise in signal processing has enabled us to deliver solutions that can meet today’s – and tomorrow’s – design challenges, such as 3DTV,” said Dr. Franz Fink, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gennum. “Working collaboratively with Panasonic to enable their full HD 3D video equipment with our signal integrity and SMPTE digital processing solutions, we are delivering a world-class 3D experience to consumers around the world.”

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