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Panasonic to Double Production of DVD Lasers

Panasonic Corporation announced it will double its current production of dual-wavelength high-power lasers for DVD recorders to 25 million units per month.

According to the statement, a dual-wavelength high-power laser offers several advantages over a single-wavelength design as it combines two light wavelengths (780 nm infrared for CD and 650 nm red for DVD) in a single chip. As result, light source point adjustment is unnecessary, the optical pickup system can be simplified and the number of peripheral parts can be halved.

These benefits have helped dual-wavelength lasers capture a majority share of the total market for DVD recorder pickups. Panasonic’s production expansion represents more than 80% of the projected market for DVD recorder pickups and is intended to meet growing demand from countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC).

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