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Panasonic TVs Feature DTS Audio

DTS, Inc. announced that Panasonic Corporation will integrate DTS 2.0 + Digital Out audio technology into Panasonic’s new VT30, GT30, G30, ST30 and S30 plasma series, as well as DT35, DT30, D35 and E30 LCD series televisions in Europe.

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DTS’ High-Performance Audio Technology Brings Enhanced Clarity and Quality to Select Panasonic Televisions in Europe

Consumers to Enjoy High-Performance Sound Simply

CALABASAS, Calif.–DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI), the leader in high-definition audio, today announced a partnership with Panasonic Corporation to integrate DTS high-performance audio technology into the company’s new plasma VT30, GT30, G30, ST30 and S30 series, and the LCD DT35, DT30, D35 and E30 series televisions in Europe. This marks the first time Panasonic has adopted DTS 2.0 + Digital Out™ into its televisions, offering consumers high-performance audio to compliment Panasonic’s exceptional visual television-viewing experience. The Panasonic televisions featuring DTS technology will launch in Europe this Spring.

By incorporating this technology, Panasonic and DTS have teamed up to offer consumers the finest audio possible, thus raising the viewer’s entertainment experience to a new level. Further, as many high-definition movies and music contain DTS audio technology, consumers can now enjoy the full scope of high-performance entertainment on their Panasonic televisions.

“Panasonic has a reputation of delivering the very best quality-driven experiences and solutions to its customers, and we’re thrilled to help them continue to do just that,” said Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer at DTS. “DTS technology has been integrated into millions of flat-panel televisions worldwide, and Panasonic’s recent adoption of this technology is a competitive move that will ensure its customers continue to receive the high-quality experience they’ve come to expect.”

The integration of DTS 2.0 + Digital Out™ technology into Panasonic televisions is the latest milestone in the growth of DTS, a company that is quickly becoming a household name among consumers in the home entertainment arena. Recognition of DTS’ expansion is evident by the growing popularity of its DTS-HD Master Audio™ technology in the Blu-ray Disc™ format, its emergence into the PC space with DTS Premium Suite™, and an ever-growing presence in network connected and online media capable devices.

About DTS
DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI) is dedicated to making digital entertainment exciting, engaging and effortless by providing state-of-the-art audio technology to hundreds of millions of DTS-licensed consumer electronics products worldwide. From a renowned legacy as a pioneer in multi-channel audio, DTS became a mandatory audio format in the Blu-ray Disc standard and is now increasingly deployed in enabling digital delivery of movies and other forms of digital entertainment on a growing array of network-connected consumer devices. DTS technology is in home theaters, car audio systems, PCs, game consoles, DVD players, televisions, digital media players, set-top boxes, smart phones, surround music software and every device capable of playing Blu-ray discs. Founded in 1993, DTS’ corporate headquarters are located in Calabasas, California with its licensing operations headquartered in Limerick, Ireland. DTS also has offices in Northern California, Washington, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.