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Panasonic UniPhier Certified for DivX Plus HD Playback

DivX, Inc. announced the DivX Plus HD Certification of the latest System LSI (Model: MN2WS0141DFF) in the UniPhier series from Panasonic Corporation.

According to the statement, this chip is designed to enable Blu-ray players to play everything from personal to Internet content in the DivX format, as well as guarantee compatibility with H.264/MKV DivX Plus HD files.

“DivX Plus HD Certification has been adopted by leading IC providers such as Panasonic, paving the way for strong DivX Plus HD support in 2010 and 2011 Blu-ray products,” said Kevin Hell, Chief Executive Officer at DivX. “Panasonic’s adoption of DivX Plus HD technology makes it possible for consumers to watch their entire collection of video files, including MKV, in the living room and beyond.”

“The DivX Certified UniPhier System LSI enables the playback of DivX Plus HD on Blu-ray players, which is the most significant advantage of next generation Blu-ray devices,” said Yasuhiro Nakakura, Director, Consumer Electronics System LSI Business Unit, Semiconductor Company, Panasonic Corporation. “Since we began partnering with DivX in the semiconductor domain in 2005, we have developed DivX Certified ICs that set manufacturers have incorporated into a wide range of successful CE devices.”

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