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Panasonic Unveils BD-R XL 100 GB Disc

Panasonic Corporation announced that it will introduce a BD-R XL 100 GB triple-layer (TL) disc in Japan on September 15, 2010.

According to the statement, Panasonic’s BD-R XL (LM-BR100LW) conforms to the new BDXL format specification (BD-R v.3) that extends the storage capacity of writable Blu-ray Discs to 100GB, twice the 50 GB storage capacity of existing dual-layer (DL) discs. Thus it is capable of housing roughly 12 hours of terrestrial digital video (HD 17 Mbps) or 8 hours and 40 minutes of BS digital (HD 24 Mbps).

The disc can be written at up to 4x speed (144 Mbps) and features a hard coat to protect against scratches and fingerprints, as well as a wide printing area (23 mm to 117 mm) for labeling.

Be aware that new hardware and software is required to play, read or record all BDXL (BD-R XL, BD-RE XL) media.

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