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Parks Associates Talks App Research and Strategies

Parks Associates announced that it will host a special research session entitled “The Rise of the App Platform in the Mobile and CE Markets” at the upcoming CONNECTIONS conference.

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Unedited press release follows:

Parks Associates to Present App Research and Strategies as 67 Million Households Worldwide Adopt Smart TVs

CONNECTIONS™ at TIA features research session on app platforms in the connected mobile and CE markets

DALLAS, April 4, 2012 — Parks Associates will host the special research session “The Rise of the App Platform in the Mobile and CE Markets” at CONNECTIONS™ at TIA, June 5-7, in Dallas, Texas. This special session on June 6 will feature consumer research and expert analysis on strategies for developers and providers to differentiate their connected CE offerings.

“Apple is the dominant player in the tablet and smartphone markets, and its main competition is the Android operating system and applications platform,” said Kurt Scherf, VP, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates. “But the ecosystem for the connected CE market is much more varied, with its own unique challenges. Apple is likely planning to port its Siri interface to smart TVs, but only 37% of iPhone 4S owners want a similar voice-command interface for their TV set.”

Parks Associates research finds consumers are already creating overlapping use cases among different platforms. Currently 42% of U.S. consumers with a media tablet use the device to check listings while watching television.

According to Parks Associates, household penetration worldwide of Internet-connectable CE products as of year-end 2011 is:

• Smart TVs: 67 million

• Internet-connectable Blu-ray Players: 22 million

• Internet-connectable Game Consoles: 75 million

• Digital Video Media Players: 14 million

• Media Tablets: 74 million

Scherf and Harry Wang, Director, Mobile and Health Research, Parks Associates, will present consumer research to highlight the key factors that will differentiate connected CE operating systems and applications platforms. They will also present expert analysis on market strategies to succeed in the app markets:

• Strategies to grow development partnerships into efficient and effective app design and deployment

• Connections between smart TV apps and mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones

• The case for leveraging premium content to create additional value

The 16th annual CONNECTIONS™: The Digital Living Conference and Showcase will be co-located with TIA 2012: Inside the Network on June 5-7 at the Gaylord Hotel, Dallas, Texas. For more information, contact or call 972-490-1113.

More information about TIA 2012: Inside the Network and CONNECTIONS™ at TIA can be found at and