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paysafecard Targets Music Pirates

IFPI announced that the paysafecard group is working with the City of London Police and the recording industry to prevent paysafecard’s services from being used by websites that sell copyright infringing music.

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Unedited press release follows:

paysafecard works with police and industry to tackle pirate music websites

London, 14th December 2011 — The paysafecard group, a leading prepaid payment company, has teamed up with the City of London Police and the international recording industry to proactively prevent its services being used by illegal websites that sell copyright infringing music.

paysafecard PINs are used by consumers to pay for items online, quickly, easily, and without having to disclose any credit card numbers or bank account related data. paysafecard PINs are available to buy from more than 350,000 sales outlets in 28 countries worldwide.

The paysafecard group has always prohibited the use of its products for payments for goods sold by illegal businesses online under its acceptable use policy, but this new arrangement will expedite the process of preventing pirate websites from gaining access to its systems.

This announcement brings a new partner to the growing coalition of internet intermediaries who are working with IFPI and the City of London Police to combat online copyright infringement.

Earlier this year, MasterCard, PayPal and Visa said they would cooperate with IFPI and the City of London Police to proactively ensure illegal websites could not use their services. PhonepayPlus, the body that regulates premium rate services in the UK, is also part of an expedited process ensuring individual phone paid operators are aware of the illegal nature of unlicensed websites that may approach them to provide payment services.

The details of these unlicensed services are obtained by IFPI anti-piracy investigators who supply the City of London Police’s Economic Crime Directorate with evidence of illegal downloads made from infringing sites. The police review this evidence and if they find a service is operating illegally they will pass on its details to the paysafecard group and the other intermediaries cooperating with the industry.

Details of 52 infringing websites have been passed to the police to date.

Frances Moore, chief executive of IFPI, says: “I am delighted the paysafecard group is joining the growing coalition of internet intermediaries that are committed to proactively tackling online infringement. We want the digital marketplace to be a safe and legal environment that will deter piracy and encourage the development of legitimate services. The cooperation with the City of London Police is helping achieve that.”

Michael Mueller, CEO of the paysafecard group, says: “The paysafecard group is pleased to be working with the City of London Police and the recording industry to proactively ensure our services cannot be abused by illegal websites. We want to facilitate legitimate online commerce and we will not provide a revenue stream for illegal businesses that rip-off artists, songwriters and record producers.”

Detective Superintendent Bob Wishart of the City of London Police says: “The City of London Police is a leading agency in the fight against financial crime, and is committed to using its expertise to tackle emerging threats as we move into 2012.

“Cybercrime, and digital piracy in particular, highlights how criminal enterprises have adapted to undermine the business community, putting jobs and whole business sectors at risk. We will continue to work with a broad range of private sector partners to mitigate the harm being caused, disrupting and dismantling the operations at the source of these crimes.”