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P&F Launches Philips Wireless Media Connect

P&F announced that it is launching Philips Wireless Media Connect in its Philips 7700 and 5700 series of EcoTVs and BDP7520 Blu-ray Disc (BD) player.

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Unedited press release follows:

P&F Unveils the Ultimate Viewing Solution for Consumers, Access without Boundaries with Philips Wireless Media Connect Technology

For the first time, go anywhere on the web, share holidays photos and videos wirelessly from the computer to the television

NEW YORK–Giving consumers unlimited access, P&F unveils Philips Wireless Media Connect technology, the ultimate solution that opens up a whole new world of possibilities to the TV. A simple wireless connection gives access to the virtually unlimited entertainment and information on the web and consumer’s personal PCs. For the first time, turn the TV into a true entertainment hub and enjoy access to online movies, photos, videos, social networking and more. With Philips Wireless Media Connect, everything in the digital world is now on TV. Philips Wireless Media Connect will be available in the 7700 and 5700 series of EcoTV™ lines and the Blu-ray BDP7520 this fall. The 7700 series is a 120Hz LED featuring an ultra-slim design, and advanced LED technology for maximum energy efficiency. The 5700 series is a 240Hz LCD series boasting a sleek design and the industry’s fastest refresh rate at 1ms. Offering consumers a range of sizes from 40, 46 and 55 inches, these series deliver the ultimate viewing experience through best in class video processing, sound, design and with the addition of Philips Wireless Media Connect, now ultimate connectivity.

“Wireless Media Connect leads the way as the only solution on the market that delivers on consumers desire for simple, integrated solution for accessing all their content without restrictions,” said Todd Richardson, senior vice president of sales and marketing for P&F, exclusive licensee for Philips consumer televisions and home theater in North America. “For the first time, we have created a solution that won’t limit what consumers can access via their television. Whether family holiday photos, social media and online videos, if they can access it on a personal computer, they can now enjoy it on their TV as well, wirelessly.”

Total Access – the Computer and TV as One Ultimate Entertainment Hub
For the first time ever, Philips is offering unlimited access to the world of the Internet with Philips Wireless Media Connect technology. Unlike IPTV sets today that are limited to Widgets and selected sites, Philips Wireless Media Connect is wide open to allow for navigating anywhere on the internet. Consumers are accustomed to being able to navigate the Internet with the click of a mouse and now Philips provides that same simplicity with the 7700 and 5700 series of televisions and coming soon in the Philips Blu-ray BDP7520. Philips Wireless Media Connect opens the world of PC navigation on the television without the need for physical cabling the PC to the TV. Now consumers can Skype, email and instant message in real time, access the latest video online, share powerpoints, pictures and other documents and videos stored online or locally. Anything and everything that can be seen on the computer can now be viewed wirelessly on the big screen without having wires running to the TV. The sky is truly the limit for accessing the content and surfing the web – if it can access via the computer now consumers can on their televisions as well.

Philips Wireless Media Connect will be available in the Philips 7700 and 5700 series of EcoTVs in September 2010 and in the Philips BDP7520 in October. Additionally, current 5705 and 7705 Series will be backward compatible for Wireless Media Connect via a software upgrade. For more information on these products, please visit

About P&F
P&F is a subsidiary of the Funai Electric Co., LTD, Inc. and is the exclusive licensee for Philips consumer televisions and home theater in North America. Funai Electric Co., Ltd., established in 1961, is headquartered in Osaka, Japan and is listed in the Tokyo Securities Exchange First Section (6839). In addition to the consumer electronic product brands sold by FUNAI Corporation and the products sold by other FUNAI sales and marketing companies in Asia, Europe, and South America, Funai Electric Company, Ltd. is a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier for appliance, consumer electronics, computer, and computer peripheral companies on a global basis.

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